Laura Michaelis is our Father’s Day GAME ON Winner!

South San Francisco, CA   June 15, 2017  



UPDATE: Laura Michaelis did not claim her prize which caused us to to go our #2 winner and we congratulate DAVID GALLAGHER as our new winner!


Everything South City announces the winner for our 2017 Fathers Day GAME ON and we congratulate Laura Michaelis on being chosen in our random drawing done by a 3rd party. We had ten entries and each and every Father described is worthy of being recognized as the very best Dad and we thank everyone who submitted an entry, please read them below. 

We thank South City Car Wash for providing the $50 gift certificate and as promised Everything South City has added another gift to sweeten the day for Dad! We have purchased a K1 SPEED PASS which includes membership, two races and a T-Shirt so Laura’s Dad can remember his special day! 

To all of our Dads we wish you the best of Father’s Day 2017! 

Thanks to those who shared their Dads’ with us during this contest: 


Laura Michaelis  My dad (and mom) could not have children, so in 1988, they adopted my sister and me. They also did fostering, having over 50 children through their home over the years. They were guardians for many as well. They never turned a child down. I remember him sitting with two of my sisters and teaching them to read late into the night. He taught us to fish and how to be independent, and if we were interested how to tinker in the garage. Did I mention that we are all girls??? He didn’t seem to mind.



David Gallagher  My dad is the best for many reasons. My father was self employeed. I grew up with 4 brothers and sisters. We always had food on the table, clothes on our backs and love in our home. Early in my life I learned what it meant to be honest, work hard and care about others. My dad would help people when they needed it most. He never asked for anything in return. He taught us to help others, especially friends and family. We took in friends who needed help or food or shelter. All he asked was for them to lend a hand when they could to someone who needed it. The values he instilled in me, the work ethic and the love for everyone made me who i am. I give all I can to this City and its people. And I only ask that we all give a little back to those around us. Thanks dad. 


Angelique and her father

Angelique Presidente My dad is the best because he has a big heart (both physically and emotionally), he has been fighting Myasthenia Graves and other ailments for 7 years. His primary concern has always been to make the world a better place. He is a retired SF sheriff, who always made sure that his inmates were treated properly and with dignity. My dad retired early to take care of his parents who were very sick until they both passed away. He always is taking care of others, and always ensures who ever he is around is doing alright, and if not how he can help. Recently we thought we were going to lose him from a medical emergency and reality is we did for almost 10 mins. But my dad wasn’t ready to leave and as he says, he still has work down here to do. He’s a hard worker, a genuine man, I couldn’t ask for a better dad!

Kris Peradotto My father is the best he is always that phone call away to give me the best advice on how to prepare my steak or chicken or if I want to cook a old family recipes he will tell me how to do it along with showing me when he cooks dinner he is my father and I looked up to him as a great man , but not only do I have a great father I also had a great father in law always there for me my wife and kids when we need it he is a father I also look up to because he is a awesome father in law . Both of the father’s my dad and my father in law are the best

Carter Lau My name is Carter Lau. I’m 10, and just finished 5th grade at Monte Verde.

My dad is the best dad ever, and I hope he wins the car wash. He just bought a new car – he didn’t have a new car since before I was born! He likes to keep his car clean!

My dad is the greatest dad because he works very hard at home, and at work, and at my school. He works really hard at his work, so my mom can stay home and take care of me. My dad is really good at math, and even after he comes home from a long day, he will help me with my math homework. He plays basketball with me, and always comes to all my practices, and games. At my school, my mom is the PTA president. My dad helps her by coming to all our school events and setting up, or serving food. He makes time to help a lot at my school. It’s nice to see my dad at school.

When my dad is home, he helps out by fixing things, and sometimes making dinner or barbecue. He even built a deck in the backyard all by himself.

Steve Lau is the best dad ever!!!!!

From Carter Lau 

Melissa Marsh-Canites My dad taught me how to work hard and is always there to help me and my family when we are in need. He can always make me smile and has shown me what it means to love family no matter what. He is always on my side and never lets me down I love my dad his name is Robert Marsh and he is the most hard working man I’ve ever known. He has worked at sears tanfran since it has been open and is set to retire this year. Thank you dad you are the best!!!!!!!
Sujey Garcia My dad is the best for lots of reasons he always works hard to give us a. Better life when I need him he’s always there for me he’s a great man I admire him I follow what he does because he always does the correct he is a great example for me and for the my family I love ❤️ my dad
Debbie Anderson Van Winkle I wrote a letter to the Giants many moons ago when they were at Candlestick about my Dad. Didint win but still took him on Fathers Day and they won. Great memory
Valerie Ingram  My dad, Victor Chin, is the best dad ever because he put so much into raising my sister and myself and being the head of our household. He cooked, cleaned, made our lunches, and taught us how to respect our elders as well as our peers and ourselves. Not only does he give his all to his family, but he also gave his very best to all of the students he taught at South San Francisco High School. He gave 22 years of his 39 year teaching career to the community, his staff, and his students. He has been the best role model a girl could ask for, so much that I followed in his footsteps and am honored to also teach within the district. Thankful for his role in our home as well as in our city!

Patty Vlahakos’ father is in red

Patty Vlahakos My dad is the best dad because he came to this country with $50 dollars in his pocket back in the 1970s and from that, became a business owner and home owner in SSF. He is dedicated, proud and hardworking. He volunteered his time and money helping out local shelters during the holidays. He was always willing to help others and instilled in us kids pride, hard work and respect for others. He worked 6 days a week and always made sure we never went without. He has been a loyal customer to South city car was for many many years so this would be such a treat for him! I love him more than words can say.


Ava’s father, Marty Romero

Ava Romero My dad is the best I know he’s not only the best dad for me but also to our city he’s a good guy and has a heart like myself was a proud former planning commissioner and was honored to meet these people let’s give my dad lots of love and he deserves a car wash



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