Appreciation Dinner for St Veronica’s Church SSF Star Volunteers

South San Francisco, CA   July 3, 2017     by Elizabeth Nisperos

Star Volunteers at St. Veronica’s Parish enjoying dinner in their honor
Photo: Elizabeth Nisperos


Sounding ala Jane Austen, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that if a nonprofit organization exists, it must be in want of volunteers.” Last June 24, 2017 after the 5pm mass at St Veronica’s Church, volunteers enjoyed an appreciation dinner, an annual event hosted by the church’s priests and staff .


Fr Ed Dura welcomes those attending St Veronica’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Photo: Elizabeth Nisperos

Karen Guglielmoni, Faith Formation Coordinator who opened the night’s event said, “There are no elves around to do the tasks and activities around the parish. ” Fr. Ed Dura, acting on behalf of Pastor Charles Puthota who was on sabbatical said, “The parish will be a dead fish if there are no volunteers since work requires payment or money.” Fr. Dura, together with Associate Pastor Fr Nick Paloso blessed the food and the volunteers .


Volunteers were honored at the recent Appreciation Dinner at St Veronica’s Parish.
Photo: Elizabeth Nisperos

The MInistries honored were:
Finance Committee,Stewardship Council Committee.Ushering ,Lectors/Cantors ,
Altar/Linen Changing,Hospitality Eucharistic and Homebound Visits, Music ,
Grief/Bereaavement,RCIA- Faith Formation, Festival Committee,Altar Society,
St Vincent de Paul Society, Legion of Mary


Health Studies had shown one of the secrets of long life and being young at heart is volunteerism. Volunteers make a difference to their community, gain confidence, meet diverse and interesting people, make new friends, learn new skills, encounter adventure and challenges and most of all have fun.


Time Magazine has to article on volunteerism. If you volunteer one can reduce early mortality rates by 22%. CLICK HERE or cuts dementia by by 70%. CLICK HERE

Thanks to St. Veronica’s Staff: Patricia Spiteri, Oneyda Perez, Christopher Lindstrom, Karen Guglielmoni, Jim Rodriguez. They helped coordinated the dinner event.

Staff servers at St Veronica’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Photo: Elizabeth Nisperos


The author serves on the Grief/Bereavement Ministry and visits the sick as a Homebound Eucharistic Minister. OLPH parishioners who were used to see me serve on ‘happy ministries” such as Youth Ministry, CCD , Archconfraternity asked me why I am volunteering in ministries that deal with death and sickness. I said, “Life is short. They’re great reminders that one is not going to be on earth forever.” Also , I was told by a writing professor,” if you’re going to write about happy,happy events only, you’re not going to be a great novelist.”


Fr. Ed Dura in his homily said ,”Your real ministry begins when you leave the door of the church. Evangelize.”


Yes to be a human being always looking for that awesome, amazing, incredible ministry even with just a simple smile ministry and saying thank you to life.



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Ron Derenzi
Ron Derenzi
5 years ago

Marie and Ron Derenzi had a wonderful time.