Bike Share Programs in SSF Get Good Start with Discounts

South San Francisco, CA    August 14, 2017


The new ‘dockless’ bike share program allows riders to pick up bikes close to them and leave safely at any location when done. Photo: Rob Ryan


There has been a lot of conversations taking place about the new pilot bikeshare programs that were kicked of in South San Francisco this past week with both LimeBike and SpinBike making their appearance on our streets.

South City resident Denni Harp had heard about discounts being offered and below is the information from the City website on this plan.


Bike Share

South San Francisco is piloting a bike share program with two bike share companies. Both companies offer dock-less bike sharing. Find a bike on the app, reserve and unlock all from your smart phone. When done with the ride, park the bike in a designated areas or near a bike rack. Cost is $1 for 30 minutes.

Spin – download the app, pick up and park these orange bikes in any responsible legal parking spot; $1 for 30 mins, South San Francisco residents get 10 free bike rides. Use promo code: LEAVETHECAR. Find out more and sign up at

LimeBike – download the app to find a bike nearby, pick up and ride, and park by any bike rack or in designated areas; South San Francisco residents get 10 free bike rides, $1 for 30 mins, plus half price for students! Use promo code: LIMESSF. Find out more at has more information on their program on their website


There has been concern over bike parking as neighbors witness both green and lime bikes scattered across town with some seemingly discarded overnight in neighborhoods and even dumped by the bay off of the Oyster Point Bay Trail. Because this is a dockless bike system there is no specific return parking area, rather both companies say to leave the bikes secure in an area you would leave your own bike.

For more specific information please check out their websites directly: has more information on their program on their website has more information on their website


Southwood neighbors became alarmed when seeing what appeared to a be discarded bike at night


This spin bike seemingly dumped off of Oyster Point Bay Trail brought up quite a conversation on our social media where it was originally shared

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Donna Escalante
Donna Escalante
4 years ago

The shared bike program couldn’t have been introduced at a worst time when blocks of construction and traffic hobble their use.

Try again.