Grass Fire on Fassler Avenue Pacifica

South San Francisco, CA   September 27, 2017


A grass fire was reported by Firedispatch at 11:15AM today which went to a 2nd alarm with dry grasses easily fueling the fire. A South San Francisco neighbor, enjoying the day at Linda Mar Beach, sent us this photo and advising the fire was now under control. At 2:43 SMC Alert system gave the all clear ‘Fassler Ave in Pacifica has been re-opened in the area of this earlier fire. No homes or structures were affected.’ 

If you hear fire sirens we recommend checking FIREDISPATCH to identify the location and type of call firefighters are responding to. You can use the pull down menu under agency to locate the City, such as South City Fire.

The State of California continues to be at risk for fires and this is a good reminder to be watchful at all times.

9/27/2017 11:15:57 AM (175 min)
FS72 North County Fire
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BC20, E64, E71, E94, VFIR22
Second Alarm
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