Welcome to Artists on Wheels; Arts and Crafts For All!

South San Francisco, CA  September 23, 2017 

Everything South City is excited to welcome SSFHS graduate Liselle Claudine Maalona and her new business, Artists on Wheels to our fine City as we wish them much success on this new venture. They are located at 611 West Orange Avenue, South San Francisco and can be reached at 650/583.8619 or via email CLICK HERE  and be sure to LIKE them on Facebook while enjoying all their great tips and activities, along with information on upcoming events.  Check out their weekend slideshow HERE to gain more insight into this fun and creative shop!

We are happy we were able to catch up with Liselle to learn a bit about this new venture and we encourage our neighbors to check them out!

Artists On Wheels encourages creativity through arts and crafts. Our coaches are here to help. The Studio is open for all, plus, we can also come to you.


·  Tell us a little bit about you and any memories you would like to share about SSF :

My name is Liselle Gutierrez Maalona, I have lived in the Bay Area since I was 12.  I went to Taylor Middle School then South City High School.  In high school, I volunteered to teach through my Spanish class at Los Cerritos Elementary School, and within the first lesson, knew I wanted to be a teacher, and have been active in education and family advocacy from San Diego to San Francisco.  South City High School is also where I met my husband, (and now we have 2 energetic children who are in the South City school district and take classes at the South City Rec Center.)
Years ago, around South City, I remember spending a lot of time with my parents and four brothers, at local parks; Monte Verde Park, Sellick Park, and especially Orange Park, (talk about coming back full circle.)  It is a dream to open the Artists On Wheels Studio in our home community.


·  Why you decided to open a studio?

Truthfully, I stumbled on opening the studio unintentionally.  Due to a lack of secure and schedule-permitting childcare for my own children, I sadly had to resign from my previous teaching home, in the Spring of 2017.  Opening the studio was an idea considered for 2018, when both of my kids would be in elementary school.  I decided to teach part time as a traveling arts and crafts teacher, to share my passion and the bonus of flexibility for my family.  As I was looking for a place to store my materials, my sister-in-law told me about the studio location on West Orange Avenue, and now here we are!

·  What do you hope to achieve with your new studio?

The Studio is here for anyone who enjoys arts and crafts.  I have to mention though, it’s surprising to hear how many people share, “I’m not a good artist…”  I promise, this experience is not about judgement, it’s about the feeling you get when you have accomplished something.  Just do your best and have fun.  Our goal is to encourage creativity and self expression.  If you’re happy, we’re happy.

·  Share with us some of your favorite mediums to work with?

Oh, this is a tough one.  I enjoy doing arts and crafts with different textures.  I love goop, cardboard, buttons, hot glue guns, pompoms, wood, canvases, clay, ribbons, cloth, metal, almost anything goes.

·  What does your studio offer – mediums, ages, etc. 

The studio is open for guests of all ages.  We currently have ceramics, canvases, and wood.  We have a community consignment corner in the works and seasonal events for the community, so come in or contact us, to check out what is available.

·  Anything else you’d like to share?

Artists On Wheels Studio is open for hourly studio hours, workshops, demonstrations and private parties.  We are also available to travel to you.  Contact us at 2017artistsonwheels@gmail.com.

Artists On Wheels Studio is closed on days when we are teaching outside of the studio, but we are able to open for groups of 4 to 25 by reservation, even during those closed times.  We are working on our October and November events, which will be posted at the studio, on Facebook, and Instagram.





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Elaine Garbarino
Elaine Garbarino
2 years ago

Thank you for the Mother’s Day bouquet of fresh rosemary!