Safeway Shopping Center Construction Update

South San Francisco, CA  April 10, 2018  Submitted by City of South San Francisco

EDITORS NOTE: The development is moving forward, albeit slowly, yet without the housing component to the relief of neighbors who find this area already congested.  It is noteworthy it is no longer identified as the Centennial Transit Village, the City referring to it now as the Shopping Center at Spruce and El Camino

The Centennial Village will remain our local Safeway Shopping Center and will not include housing.

UPDATE on Shopping Center Construction at Spruce Avenue & El Camino Real

The developer of the shopping center at Spruce Avenue and El Camino Real has updated the City on his plans. Note the City does not own this site, nor has any financial interests in the development, and to-date everything the developer has submitted to the City has been reviewed and approved. The City has issued permits to allow the developer to start site work and demolition. There are still some outstanding drawings they have not yet submitted, however, the City is in the position to quickly review these drawings upon receipt


The owner and developer has provided the City and our residents with the following update:


“We recently completed negotiations with Safeway, to confirm that they will be the anchor for the new shopping center. We are working very hard to complete the final details for the architectural drawings for the shopping center, and then we will send those drawings out to bid. We plan to select a contractor within the next 60 days, then finalize the budget for the project, and meet with our equity and financing partners to fund the project. Under the current schedule, we plan to start construction by the end of July 2018.”


The City will continue to work with this developer, who at this point is in control of the construction schedule.


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