District Elections: Map Your City Districts NOW!

South San Francisco, CA   May 7, 2018

The City of South San Francisco is transitioning from ‘at large’ elections to ‘district’ elections and have invited neighbors to help draw the boundaries for each ‘district’. This Wednesday at 7pm the Council will have the 2nd Hearing on this issue following the established time line set forth leading up to the 2020 election which will be have two districts. Our first all district election is set to take place in 2022.

Below is the map the City is requesting voters examine to determine how they would set the boundaries for upcoming district elections and ask that this map be completed and returned to districtelections@ssf.net

Print out this map and divide the City into 4 or 5 districts


Below is an example of how one neighbor proposes district boundaries.

Example of how one neighbor identified districts


Voters should remain alert to the changes coming up by attending the following meetings or checking the City website HERE for updates.


More information on these changes provided by the City can be read below:


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