How a Small Piece of Your Liver Could Save the Life of South City Neighbor

South San Francisco, CA   May 3, 2018

Someone will read this and know they can do this, they can make a difference, they can be a hero and save a life of our neighbor.


Allie Miller with her Dad Tim


Many diseases do not give us a way out, a way to find a miracle for a life to be saved, but if there is any ‘luck’ with PSC (primary sclerosing cholangitis) it is that there may be that opportunity if conditions are in sync.

For Colma/South City native Tim Miller that opportunity has a good chance of keeping him alive if a liver donor match can be found sooner than later. Tim has (finally) qualified for live liver donation and is now looking for the person who is a match and who is willing to donate a part of their liver to save his life.

The liver is pretty cool and regenerates on its own, a live liver donor would transplant a piece of their liver to the recipient, resulting in the complete regeneration of two separate livers.” explains daughter Allie Miller (650-520-3341) “Sadly no one in our family is a match and the longer he waits, the sicker he gets.” Tim and his wife Stephanie recently moved to Placerville, along with their son Josh, seeking a healthier environment yet return to South City for work and family.

The Miller’s will be creating a page soon to get the word out on finding Tim a donor, and to spread awareness about PSC. Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis is a rare disease that attacks the liver and bile ducts, causing the liver to fail. If a live donor is not found within a specific window of time, the patient becomes sicker.  Once the condition progresses a patient may qualify for a deceased liver donation. But in Tim’s case the doctors are worried that he will develop cancer before this happens. And there is also the likelihood of a patient receiving a liver before dying dramatically decreases.

General requirements of being a living donor for Tim:
– Blood Type: O or A2
– Age: 18-60
– BMI: 30 or less

Live liver transplants are not new, this procedure was first successfully completed in 1954 and to date living donors have made possible more than 150,000 transplants in the United States alone.

To read more about the donation process please CLICK HERE.

“If anyone out there is interested in helping save his life (or if you just want to say hi), please don’t hesitate to message me here or call/text me at (650) 520-3341” Allie said.



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