Phone scams targeting Cal Water customers

South San Francisco, CA  May 10, 2018  Submitted by CWS

Please be aware that scammers are targeting utility customers with both live and automated phone calls demanding immediate payment to avoid disconnection for non-payment of their water bill. The live call also requested personal information about the customer, such as their date of birth and Social Security number. Although the calls claimed to be from Cal Water, they were not. Cal Water does not utilize an automated system that requests personal information or demands immediate payment by credit card.

If Cal Water ever needs to contact customers regarding past-due payments, we will provide information for all available payment methods, which include in person at our Customer Center or pay stations, online through our web site, and pay-by-phone via our automated phone payment line (1-866-734-0743).

If you receive such a call about your water bill, please do not provide any credit card or personal information, and call your local Customer Center for verification.

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your neighbor
your neighbor
3 years ago

there is a scam call,a hoax threatening to shut off my utility if I didn’t call an 855 #.

Reported it to PG & E.