Scam Warning: Dent-Fix-It Guy Returns to Further Scam, Threaten South San Francisco Senior

South San Francisco, CA   May 11, 2018 Submitted by Debbie from Winston Manor 1,2

Be Aware

I want to share a situation that my 90 year old father got himself into.

Last week he was approached by a man in the parking lot of the Westlake Safeway offering to fix a dent in his car at a reduced rate. My dad agreed and this guy followed my dad to his home in Winston Manor.

I happened to arrive just as he was finishing” the job”. Of course, he then told my Dad that the job was $100 more than originally quoted. Rather than argue, I told my Dad to pay so we could get rid of this guy.

On Monday this week, he caught up with my father as he was leaving Winston Manor saying that he came back to “finish the job” and it would only take 5 minutes. He kept insisting that they go back to my Dad’s house. There was no mention of finishing the job on the original date and my father told him no. He followed my Dad up Hickey and onto the freeway where he finally lost him.

On Tuesday he returned to my Dad’s home and banged on the front door for 10 minutes. Thankfully my Dad did not answer and called me. I then called South City PD. . My father lives alone (I live just around the corner) and we are concerned that he will return or try to scam someone else.

I have reported this information to the police and they are currently doing passing calls in the neighborhood. Because my father invited this guy to his house, no crime has been committed. But because he has come back twice, the police now have reason to stop him and talk to him. We think he’s a tweaker looking for money to buy his next fix.

This guy’s name is Anthony and is driving a white Dodge Ram pickup truck with Arizona plate BYX6012. If you see this truck in the neighborhoods please contact SSFPD 650/ 877.8900.

Yesterday he returned to my Dad’s house and tried to kick the door in. He left just before the PD arrived.

My brother (retired SFPD) and I are now staying at the house with Dad.


Debbie initially shared this information on and gave us permission to share with our larger community to ensure this message gets out to everyone in order to keep our neighborhoods safer. Please keep a watch for any suspicious activity in your neighborhood and immediately call 911 if there is ever a concern. We have to remember, while we ourselves might feel safe, we need to watch over those more vulnerable such as our seniors.


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