South San Francisco Cookie Volunteers for Senior Smile Program 4th of July Treats

South San Francisco, CA   June 29, 2018  By Guest Writer by Elizabeth Nisperos



The group sat together for a photoshoot and everybody shouted “South City Rocks!”


Last June 26th from 3:30 to 5:00 pm, instead of encountering  Sesame Street’s ‘cookie monster’,  35 happy and hardworking  volunteers appeared at the Fire Dept. Station at 480 North Canal. Led by the enthusiastic and energetic coordinator Sheri Boles, Community Programs Manager of City South San Francisco, the July 4th Cookie Packaging event at Fire Station No. 61, Emergency Operations Center was a success.


The light brown cookies topped with blue and yellow cream with multicolored sprinkles reminded me of the 2018 NBA Champs, Golden Warriors celebrations.


The volunteers were a diverse group ranging from kids (Alex, Marco and dad Daniel), teenagers from the South San Francisco High, college students, adults and retirees.  I sat at a table together with Gloria, Michael and Yen.  Michael said that I was an ‘undercover reporter’. The assignment was to put blue and yellow cookies inside a plastic bag and close it with a red ribbon and card.  We wore orange gloves to handle the cookies and the entire group did their job very well indeed.


High school teens joined the effect to bring smiles to our local Seniors this 4th of July


Firefighters will distribute the cookies to residents of the Senior Smiles Program.

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