Letter to Editor: High rises Building Frenzy, a cautionary tale

South San Francisco, CA July 2, 2018  by SSF Resident Linda Gomez (*received June 23rd)

Dear Editor:

With all the high rises San Francisco is building, a second building is showing signs of tilting. The high end Millennial Tower in San Francisco has tilted 17 inches and continues to tilt. Now the FDIC building is showing signs of tilting and not earthquake safe.

Experts say it could be to over crowding of high rises. SSF should be paying attention as the owners at Kilroy at Oyster Point are set to ad 15 new office buildings on that soft ground. Will someone take note and build accordingly? Digging deep to find rock to set pilings does not appear to guarantee high rises building holding steady.



NOTE: This Letter to the Editor was received on June 23, 2018 and we apologize for the delay in publishing it

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