Neighbors Comment on South San Francisco Latest Public Art Sculpture

South San Francisco, CA   July 1, 2018  from our Facebook page

Phil Fioresi Sr shared this photo of South City’s latest sculpture


“So I saw this today, our kids are playing on the worst fields from San Jose to Sacramento yet we can afford another piece of ‘Art’?” wrote Phil Fioresi Sr on our Facebook page “We have at least 5 of these expensive eyesores around SSF yet we can’t get or kids a safe place to play. What a joke.”  Neighbors shared their opinions as follows:


Patty Gomez Kids don’t matter here. Well … Some kind of kids don’t matter.

Veronica Bartolome That’s ugly art. Like at Westborough and Junipero Serra. Totally useless.

Phil Fioresi Sr. You read my mind Veronica, and I would bet the price tag was astronomical

Juan Bustos Our City Council and City Commissioners are deaf to our voices. Time to out all of these folks.

Stephanie Aragon What about the ugly orange slices I almost ran into in Tennis Drive?! Seriously!

Brandi Magner It’s just sad

Deborah Mcgrath I don’t know…and we have just as ugly Art?? Up here in Napa…but are they bought?? Or donated? Frig if we paid for some of this stuff?!?!?!?

Gail Spry Knadler Brentwood Park…THE WORST!!!

Phil Fioresi Sr. Here ya go how about this beauty? I bet this one cost at least 100 k

Phil Fioresi Sr Here ya go how about this beauty? I bet this one cost at least 100 k

Boyd Ferry This is pretty nice though

Marie De Leon And this!


Marie De Leon And this!

Jan Easterday Do any of the residents matter??

Lulu Reyes-Lorenzo Maybe these arts are privately donated?

Phil Fioresi Sr. Lulu I’m pretty sure I heard the shiny one on Westborough cost 250k

Patty Gomez Wtf? Are you kidding me? Please tell me you’re joking?

Phil Fioresi Sr. i swear I heard that somewhere but I’m not 100% sure

Dino Fontana You mean that’s not to play on?

Sally Johnson What a joke. The cities priorities are just crazy. How many years have we been voicing our opinions about the horrible fields.

Lesley Cassandras Where is this “art” anyway? Like you I’d rather have nice fields for the kids to play ball and soccer on!

Dawn Reese That is soo ugly. What a waste of money.

Kristy S Chan What is this thing exactly?

Kieran Cronin Phil is 100% right

Edwin Tomas Arriola Meanwhile my 6 and 7 year old Mighty Girls play in gopher infest pitches

Edwin Tomas Arriola shares “Meanwhile my 6 and 7 year old Mighty Girls play in gofer infested pitches… ?”


Maria Martinez Meraz  Here’s the gofer in action at Orange Park during the soccer game.


Maria Martinez Meraz
shares “Here’s the gofer in action at Orange Park during the soccer game.”


Linda Dunne-Cresci I agree too, what is wrong with this City in the last years wasting money on this kind a crap guess to keep all the big companies coming in and invading our town

Lauren Gee This is not art, but an attempt to waste $$$$ like the “thing” at the intersection of Juniper Serra and Westborough. Which causes a blinding light in drivers’ faces on a sunny day. Very dangerous!

RebeccaMarie Salaiz It does!

Mareth Vedder Very distracting and dangerous.

Wendy Sinclair-Smith Maybe with the new district elections we can all truly have a say about those budgets.

Javi Bustos I’m with you all, but the opportunist in me wants to create a hideous piece of art and sell it to the city for tens of thousands of dollars. Clearly our city council members are jokes and will pay me. It’s almost a guarantee.

Rj Maran my thoughts exactly, take care of our city before you do anything else….

Lanette Dieter Waste of money.

Michele Lynn Tambini Wow! Expensive eyesores? whether you think its ugly or not its Art and these pieces are sponsored by businesses or individuals or through fundraisers just like anything else recreational in the city (ball teams, PTAs, schools) I support any and all of this….…/cultural…/cultural-arts-news-events

Sharon Sumner Albera Where is this one.

JoAnn Willis What about the horrible field at Westborough Middle school. Disgrace.

Mareth Vedder Agree. Priorities are skewed.




These works were obtained via a nationwide call and recommended by the Cultural Arts Commission. The Commission encourages the community to take time to enjoy the whimsy and charm of the new sculptures.
Slices of Heaven 2018 (47) sml

Oranges for Orange Park
Visitors, to the Orange Memorial Park sculpture garden, will come across a delectable-looking column of orange slices. Oranges for Orange Park! The sculpture is the newest public art addition to the garden collection. Titled “Slices of Heaven,” it is the creation of Florida sculptor CR Gray. This is the first of two permanent works by the artist, whose work is inspired by Americana and engaging pieces that come from the heart. His second sculpture is scheduled to be installed at the park in July. The January 10, 2018 Council Meeting staff notes; Slices of Heaven by CR Gray purchase price of $16,000


Windswept 2018 (32)-sml Delicate “Windswept” Tendrils Adorn Westborough Blvd near 280

Commuters in transit on Westborough Boulevard have a lovely new sculpture to enjoy as they cruise towards their destinations. On journeys past the median, west of Highway 280, they will encounter the delicate tendrils of a ten foot aluminum sculpture. It seemingly appears to be moving as a result of the prevailing winds. Created by internationally-recognized, Tennessee sculptor, Brian F. Russell, the inspiration for this “Windswept” sculpture was the fluid movement of water. The shape of the individual segments were dictated by the suppleness of the heated metal. The January 10, 2018 Council Meeting staff notes; Windswept, by Brian F. Russell, purchase price of $18,000



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your neighbor
your neighbor
5 years ago

you get what you pay for.

our fields are dry and lifeless and park trees are dull. If only they would water them and plant low irrigation blades of grass.