New Telemarking ‘Scam’ Targets Veterans In Home Loan Refi Scheme

South San Francisco, CA   July 19, 2018 Submitted by Michael Harris, originated Disabled Veterans

A new telemarketing scam is being rolled out by callers identifying themselves as representatives of “Veterans Services.” These robocallers solicit veterans nationwide using dubious techniques and pressure terms to elicit information including personal data.

The robocallers leave for veterans saying, “Trying to contact you because your VA profile was flagged for two potential benefits due to changes to the VA program” adding the benefits are “time sensitive.” The goal of the message is to apparently use trigger words to pressure veterans to call the number in the message.
Most recipients of the message likely interpret it, as I did, to mean changes recently happened to some kind of VA program impacting your benefits.
Where did the company get the personal data? How were the profiles of veterans flagged for the promotion? Notice how the message leaves out the identity of the caller and company?
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