Letter to Editor: Local Feral Cat Colony Needs Feeders

South San Francisco, CA   September 19, 2018 Submitted by Rose via FB

Hello, I am local cat rescue group lady (not crazy yet!) and I’m looking for help feeding local feral cats in SSF.

Recently we have lost several feeders, due to illness, moving and sorry to say, death. We have several managed colonies in SSF and throughout the Peninsula.

The cats have been TNR’d (trapped, neutered and returned), they are healthy and have been vaccinated. Our mission is to reduce the population of cats and unwanted kittens through TNR. We are looking for volunteers that like cats and would like to help feed. It only takes about 20 minutes of your time. It’s a very rewarding experience. We supply the food and support.

We also provide community service hours which are non-profit certified. If you are interested contact Rose @ 650 302-5653. We also have many adoptable kittens and are looking for fosters. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

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Linda Weise
Linda Weise
3 years ago

I live on Brentwood Drive in SSF and our family cat, Jynx, has been missing since last Thursday (March 28th). I’ve submitted a report at the SPCA at Coyote Point on 3/29 and have gone everyday to tour the cats being housed there hoping that someone surrendered her or are taking care of her in their home. Jynx is chipped and I’ve been using all the tips/advise published looking for her everyday. I’m thinking I should also check the feral cat feeding stations. Is it possible to get a list of the feeding stations? I’m trying everything I can to locate her. She is a small/med slinky, black cat with a white tuff on her upper chest and yellow/green eyes. Thank you so much for all your organization does to take care of these feral cats. Any other advise as to where to look would also be appreciated.
Linda Weise
222 Brentwood Drive