South San Francisco’s Chef Ava Marie’s Dream Comes True On the Set of Guy Fieri Food Network

South San Francisco, CA  October 24, 2018

South San Francisco Celebrity Chef Ava Marie fulfilling a lifetime dream to be on the set with Celeb Chef Guy Fieri



For those who know our local South San Francisco Chef Ava Maria, they know her first love is the kitchen and her second is the celebrates who make recipes that she brings to life in addition to her own creations. Guy Fieri is among her top favorites so it was a dream of a lifetime fulfilled by her friend Becky’s mom as a birthday present. Ava asked her sister Molly to attend with her for the VIP experience in Santa Rosa on Guys Grocery Game set.

“It was an VIP fan experience of a lifetime.” Ava said “It was such an honor to meet Guy Fieri! “His mom Penny Fieri was in the audience she ate two bites of her celebrity Chef son’s spicy fried rice and gave some to me!”


On the Guy Fieri Set our own South City Celeb is fulfilling a dream


Chef Ava seems to always have something going on between her entries into the San Mateo County Fair where winning ribbons continue to be claimed by her, to teaching cooking classes as she did with our SSFUSD Students in Transition. Chef Ava has also provided classes at our public library and offers great recipes and advice on her blog RECIPES FROM AN AUTISTIC CHEF.


Chef Ava Marie and students from the Transitional Partnership Program in March 2016


“The VIP experience with Guy Fieri was an adventure and an honor!” Ava exclaimed “I had so much fun now and now I have to get ready for my World Food Championship debut by testing my infusion build.” This next adventure is in Orange Beach, Alabama the week of November 5th so stay tuned and follow Chef Ava’s journey on her social media CLICK HERE


This beautiful desert is one of Chef Ava’s entries for the World Food Championship

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