Saunders Family Formerly from Avalon Park Lost All in Paradise Camp Fire; GoFundMe Account Set Up

South San Francisco, CA    November 11, 2018

EDITORS NOTE: The Saunders, Andy and Norm, were childhood neighbors of mine on Avalon Drive and Andy continues to pull us South Citians together every chance he gets even though he relocated to Paradise.
He has now lost his home and everything he owned, as did his brother Norm.
I look at the orange sky and try not to suck in this ashen air and feel helpless.
There was a sense of doing something in sharing a few $$ with them and maybe it might help you too – I know it will help Andy and Norm.
Any amount is welcomed and needed and appreciated and even sharing this post will let others know there are ways we can help.
-Kamala Silva Wolfe

The Saunder brothers from Avalon Drive back in the day


From the GoFundMe:

Andy and Norm today – thank you for helping them!

My heart hurts, as the reality sets in.

My mind is starting to accept the true magnitude of destruction this firestorm has unleashed. The Camp fire did not just ravage the beautiful community of Paradise and Butte County; its reach spreads far beyond.

Andy Saunders is the kind of man who always lends assistance to others when he is able. The kind of person who stops on the side of the road, lord know he loves those backroads, to feed an apple to a horse or simply enjoy the sheer beauty of the wildlife and share it with us, on Facebook. He enjoyed sitting on his back porch watching, Skipper, Jiffer, Black Beauty (Blackie), Ju Ju, Jay Jay, Stevie Ray, Momo, and Grey Wolf play and cuddle with each other. He never wastes food, the deer, turkeys, raccoons, skunks, etc.…, always had a meal; if he ran out of hummingbird juice or seed the birds were sure to let him know.

One of Andy’s greatest joys is to bring people together, no matter what their differences, because intrinsically we are all the same. He started gathering together friends, loved ones, & classmates, to honor the memory of his and brother Norm Saunders beloved Mother and Father. Later it morphed into reunion cocktail hours and parties. He was able to find kindhearted musicians to play at little or no fee and whatever that was needed beyond that, Andy took from his own pocket, because family and friends are what it is all about!

Andy is a proud man and when I mentioned to him, that I wanted to put a go fund me page together, he did not want to focus on himself, “I will be alright” he exclaimed. He was focused on how grateful he was that Norm, Kyle and his family, Charlene, April & her family, and other community friends, as well as himself, were able to get to safety. However, he truly does need help and so does Norm Saunders!

Norm, his child’s mother Tammy, her daughter Marissa, his son Kyle have all been impacted too. Tammy and the children, will most likely be relocating and Norm will need to be near his cherished son. Norm will have to make new connections, find new clients for his carpet cleaning business, find a new place to live, and all that comes with starting over again.

Andy’s home, multiple businesses, all of his art collection-including those he sold for business, 9 underinsured classic cars, truck with trailer, RV, mothers poetry, grandparents china and war memorabilia, photos of he and Norm’s family, antique cabinets containing beautiful things passed down several generations, poof gone… Andy is a sentimental man and the latter has just been killing him.

In coming days, his mortgage and property tax will be due and he will have to acquire new tools, new work equipment, clothes, shoes, sifters, masks, heavy boots, and all that comes with his new journey.

If there is any way you are able to help the Saunders Brothers, no amount is too small. Any resources, gift cards, clothing, well-wishes, advise, etc.…are greatly appreciated!!!

Above all…the calls, texts, kind thoughts, well wishes, comradery, and love that you all have already expressed has meant the world!

“Love & Light”

Cynthia J. Roberts



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