South City Native Megan Boone From West Winston Manor Lost Everything in Paradise Fire: Needs Help

South San Francisco, CA   November 12, 2018

EDITORS NOTE: Megan Boone grew up on Adrian Ave in West Winston Manor and attended all of our local public schools and graduated from El Camino High School in 2009. Her father Gary Boone also was a graduate of El Camino High School. Megan had hoped to remain in South City yet the high cost of housing forced her to find a home elsewhere. She chose Paradise and had settled in about 7 years ago with her boyfriend and beloved pets. She has lost everything and is in need of help. Please donate if you can and share this request so others can help. Thank you.



From the GoFundMe page set up by Lauren Wahlstrom  :

Can you imagine, waking up; getting ready for work & being told there’s an emergency evacuation to pack what you can & leave your home?

Well, this morning.. my best friend Megan Boone & her boyfriend Milton Hernandez were faced with that exact dilemma. She was born & raised in South City. Went to Buri Buri, Alta Loma & El Camino High, she left the Bay Area due to the high rent & losing all of her family members. She moved to paradise about 7 years ago & it became her new home! She got herself a nice 2 bedroom and had plenty space for herself, her boyfriend and her 2 doggies! She packed up as much as she could & got out of there, but as you can imagine.. having 2 dogs in the car doesn’t leave too much room for personal belongings & dogs are totally more important. She was only able to get one bag of clothes, barely made it out of the city in time due to traffic. When she finally made it out far enough to catch a breath, it was confirmed all of Paradise is burned down. Her home, her job, her bank.. everything is gone due to the #CampFire in #Paradise.

I can’t imagine something like this happening to me, let alone not having family or friends to lean on in times like this! Let alone, rent was just paid a few days ago & she was waiting on her check to come in. I’ve known this girl since I was 11 years old & she’s a beautiful person going through some absolutely terrible times. Truly devastating! & Everyone has their own struggles and I fully understand, but consider waking up and literally packing up your life as quick as you can in 10 minutes, imagine starting from scratch.. can you even? Do you know where you’d start? I can’t say that I do.. so if you can donate anything at all, please. It would be greatly appreciated, anything at all helps. Imagine everything you have right now, just gone.. it’s moments like these we need to lean on each other. Anything at all helps feed them clothe them & hopefully we can get enough to help them relocate their lives!

Thank you for reading; thank you for your donations & if you can’t donate; pray for them and all the other families affected by this tragedy!

CLICK HERE to make a donation




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3 years ago

These fires are so horrible and sad.