Downtown South City, Then and Now; Your Photos and Stories Needed for Presentation

South San Francisco, Ca     March 28, 2019


Do you have photos of South San Francisco’s downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods that you would like to share? Jiselle, a student at CSU, is putting together a presentation on the history of our downtown and is seeking some help. “I’m doing a class presentation on the history of downtown South City, and how it has changed, and how the community feel is slowly fading away” she said. “I was hoping neighbors can send in photos of the past and if people have photos of what it looks like now. This is part of my Urban Sociology class.” 

If you have stories to share of our old town and the changes we’ve been witnessing, especially in our recent history, please feel free to share them as well. “Stories would be amazing so my class knows a more personal history of the long time residents!” Jiselle said.

Please be sure to properly identify photos, and include your name if you would like photo credit.

Entries can be sent to with the deadline of April 15th.  Upon completion we will share the final work.


Bayshore at Grand, SFMTA
Photo: John Henry Mentz


Developer rendering of Airport at Grand as 150 Airport is built out

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