Mozilla Challenges Amazon’s Privacy Policy Requirements

South San Francisco, CA   May 21, 2019  Submitted by Mozilla  {CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION}

Every connected device should have a privacy policy.

But the alarming reality is that countless products connected to the internet are sold without any information about how they handle and use personal data. is one of the biggest retailers of connected devices, but right now it doesn’t require that connected devices sold on its site have even a basic privacy policy in place. So we are calling on Amazon to require third party vendors selling IoT devices to make a privacy policy publicly available in order to list their products on Amazon.


From thermostats and doorbells to oil diffusers and watches, more and more connected devices are now on the market and many of these connected products are manufactured and sold by questionable companies, often without even a website to back them up.


While having a privacy policy isn’t a silver bullet, it is an indicator that companies have put some thought into their approach to privacy. Last year, in partnership with the Internet Society and Consumers International, we released a set of Minimum Security Standards for connected devices, including one requiring an easily accessible privacy policy. We have asked Amazon to adopt these standards and now we’re ramping up the pressure. While the company gives sellers the option of uploading a privacy policy — it’s not yet required.


Amazon provides a massive platform for third-party sellers to bring products to the market. Currently Amazon gives many of these products the appearance of legitimacy — some have earned the label “Amazon’s Choice” or “#1 best seller.”


With customer trust on the line, Amazon should make this straightforward change — doing so would be a step toward reining in the rampant privacy and security vulnerabilities of so many consumer tech goods.


Thanks for taking action,
Ashley Boyd and the team at Mozilla


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IoT products listed on Amazon are not required to have a privacy policy. Tell Amazon to change its policy so consumers can make informed decisions about the privacy risks of connected devices.

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