Native Plant Sale at Mission Blue Nursery on June 8th; Special feature “Native Plant for Climate Resiliency” talk at 11am

South San Francisco, CA   May 9, 2019 Submitted by Ariel Cherbowsky Corkidi, Director SBMW


Visit the Mission Blue Nursery on June 8th to explore the ways native plants can help respond to the many challenges of climate change like flooding, wildfire, drought, biodiversity loss, species migrations, excess carbon and more!


Saturday, June 8th, 9am-2pm, “Native Plant for Climate Resiliency”

1 Mountain Flora Parkway, Brisbane, CA 94005 (

Talk at 11am: Colma Creek Connector



Mission Blue Nursery, a native plant nursery operated by the local non-profit San Bruno Mountain Watch.

All the plants grown at Mission Blue Nursery are sourced from the hills, canyons, creeks, dunes, wetlands, woodlands, and meadows of beautiful San Bruno Mountain!

You’ll find over 50 species of plants including shrubs, trees, wildflowers, succulents, edible natives, groundcovers, and grasses.

Please visit the following webpage for more information:

All proceeds from the plant sale support the stewardship and education programs of San Bruno Mountain Watch.


Enjoy a special talk at 11am featuring the Colma Creek Connector project.

Learn about the role of native plants in a local resiliency project seeking to reduce flooding along Colma Creek, restore the creek’s native ecology, and increase public access!




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