Letter to Editor: Be Aware of Your Surroundings, Suspicious Drivers Offering Rides

South San Francisco, CA  July 30, 2019  by a South San Francisco Resident

NOTE: We have contacted South San Francisco Police Department and learned no police reports have been filed. However, often neighbors experience something and do not report it to authorities, rather they will warn others directly.

Please, if you should ever find yourself in a situation that feels unsafe, contact our Police immediately. They will be able to investigate the situation and advise our larger community should there be concerns, and they will also be able to identify if there is a ‘trend’ happening.

In real time emergency call 911. If you want to report an incident afterwards please call 650/877.8900.


Dear Everything South City,

Hi I am a SSF resident and would like to remain anonymous please. My daughter’s classmate just posted (July 22nd) what happened to her and would like our neighbors to be aware of what’s going on. Please share!!! I’m not sure if the SSFPD were contacted

Also,  I believe it was the week of July 15th,  when my mother was stopped by guy in a black van. The man asked if she needed a ride, my mother declined and walked straight into a church on Country Club.  She didn’t take a picture of the license plate either because got a weird feeling,  she got scared and just wanted to get away.

Please warn our neighbors to be mindful and to be safe.

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