South City Grocery Outlet Partners with St Vincent dePaul for Independence from Hunger Drive

South San Francisco, CA   July 30, 2019


We have ONE more day to support our local South City Grocery Outlet as they partner with St Vincent dePaul for the annual Independence from Hunger Drive that runs the month of July. Donations stay in our community! 


South City Grocery Outlet co-owner, and South City neighbor, Michell Radcliffe told us, “We have partnered with St. Vincent de Paul (South City) for this years Independence from Hunger Drive. Donations stay right here in our community! St. Vincent de Paul prefers store gift cards so they can buy exactly what they need all year long. They get pallets of tuna, bread, peanut butter, protein bars, coffee, juice,  pasta, vegetables,  etc. By purchasing like this they get exactly what they need, when they need it. Also, our prices are so much better than conventional stores, each dollar goes much further. Plus they are able to use the gift cards whenever needed.”


As we know the holidays tend to be the time we are more giving to those in need yet as Michelle tells us, “They receive so much in December when charity is on people’s minds and so little in the summer. Via our generous customers, Grocery Outlet has made a huge difference. St. Vincent de Paul customers have told them they not only appreciate the food, but the great variety.”


So please consider helping our local residents in need by purchasing a pre-packaged $5 bag of food and receive a $5 off coupon at our South City Grocery Outlet, located in the Hickey Shopping Center. (They also accept $1 or round-up donations)


More information on our local St Vincent de Paul CLICK HERE

More information on South City Grocery Outlet CLICK HERE

Neighbors helping neighbors with support from South City Grocery Outlet and St Vincent dePaul!

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