Property Tax Statements Late Mailing: Neighbor to Neighbor Alert

South San Francisco, CA   October 24, 2019 from Jolene J

PREFACE: Thanks to Jolene for checking into the late mailing of our San Mateo County Property Tax.

Good morning. Not that we look forward to paying taxes but I saw a post a couple of weeks ago regarding some peeps not receiving their tax bills yet. I am one of those persons who has yet to receive the bill. ( Yes I know we could go online to pay but that’s not my thing)….anyway I just called and talked to a real person and YES they are late mailing them out. If you have not received your bill yet the last batch was mailed out yesterday and we should be receiving them by the end of October. I find this annoying as they are due November 1st ( I know we have a grace period until December 10th but it’s the idea that it appears ok for the county office to mail them one month late….?….if we mail them past the grace period they slap an added fine…) Anyway, my main objective was to alert anyone who is wondering what’s going on that they are on the way.



You can also look up your property tax CLICK HERE

More helpful information on potential tax breaks CLICK HERE

SMC Assessor’s Office Contact info below:

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2 years ago

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what happened.