Hometown Bowl (Brentwood Bowl) Seeks to be Open to 2am with Live Music/Entertainment: Community Mtg Nov 12th

South San Francisco, CA   November 4, 2019  Submitted by City of SSF

(PREFACE: Everything South City was informed a few months back, that Hometown Bowl had applied to the City to remain open until 2am, and with live entertainment/music. While this outreach doe not detail the hours, this is what we were told earlier. Neighbors are encouraged to attend.)

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, Hometown Bowl (known as Brentwood Bowl until the recent ownership change) is holding a neighborhood meeting to offer local residents a chance to see their newly renovated facility – which includes bowling, cafe, bar, game room, and more – and to answer questions and obtain community feedback. Hometown Bowl has applied to the City to allow live entertainment and extended hours. Additional info is provided on the flyer below. Residents are also encouraged to contact the SSF Planning Division (877-8535) with any questions or feedback.



{UPDATE 11/6/2019 2:15pm on Nextdoor.com}

Hometown Bowl Neighborhood Meeting | Tuesday, November 12

*Please note this is a business meeting sponsored by Hometown Bowl, not organized by the City of South San Francisco* Hometown Bowl, formerly known as Brentwood Bowl, is sponsoring a neighborhood meeting and event on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Where: 237 El Camino Real (Entrance is at 130 Northwood Drive), SSF Hometown Bowl has submitted an application with the South San Francisco Planning Division to allow live entertainment and extended hours. The purpose of this event is to welcome its surrounding neighbors and to provide an onsite visit of the newly renovated bowling alley, obtain feedback, and to address any questions you may have. The meeting will be an open house format. Feel free to drop-by any time during the evening between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. City of South San Francisco planning staff will also be available to answer any questions about the permitting process. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact Vincent Tso (co-owner of Hometown Bowl) by email: info@hometownbowl.com or call (650) 763-1643.


UPDATE 11.21.19 2:30pm Comments from our FB page:

Charlotte Palu From my own personal experience, I enjoyed the old bowling alley and have had bdays there but seeing the renovation is inspiring and honestly a great, new beginning for an otherwise historic establishment which NO ONE can deny was in need of a facelift!!! Anyways, I look forward to seeing more to come to SSF and HTB!


Michael Jaurigui Love This place. It needed a large facelift. Love what they did to the place. Great service when you’re bowling. They bring you food and drinks. Kids loved the games. It’s finally all updated.


Wendy Sinclair-Smith Nice work on the above image. Looks good. I’ll be there to hear and add if necessary. Glad it’s open again.


Clifford Martin Wendy Sinclair-Smith the above image was taken before they finished the paint job. They painted the entire building black and painted over the Brentwood boy and neighborhood shout out


Michael William Tripp Wonderful! I remember when it was built. Loved watching my mom’s bowling league. Lots of pin noise, chatter, cigarette smoke and bar drinks. Learned to bowl there myself and can still outscore the newcomers fifty years my junior.


Linda Pro Heard Pool tables or something going on upstairs?? Did not even know there was an upstairs


Senia Deras-Fuentes Damnnnn instead of being grateful that it did not CLOSE people are complaining about the change, security, parking. The way times are now I rather they have security at least I know my family and friend are safe. Growing up at Brentwood bowl friday nights while the family bowled in the leagues I can still remember so many fights that happened there. So I’d say YAY to security.


Loren Portillo Senia Deras-Fuentes when has security ever been an issue there? I can’t think of any time of a shooting ??


Eve Vuillemainroy Times have changed. Cliental more than likely has changed. People used to fight with fists, now they pull guns.


Eunice Figueroa I heard they pat you down to go in which I thought was interesting considering it’s in a pretty safe neighborhood.


Ayde Cervantes Eunice Figueroa yes, I’ve seen it as I drove past. Threw me off to be honest because it is a safe neighborhood


Eunice Figueroa Ayde Cervantes exactly! What’s the need for a pat down? They don’t pat down at their Grand Ave bar but they do here?

Ayde Cervantes Eunice Figueroa it just doesn’t give me the family oriented vibe. Sad


Aristyles De La Gente Eunice Figueroa they didn’t pat me down. I took my family, they had a good ol time. If we’re being honest the old Brentwood had some worn out lanes. I guess the only way to find out if they pat you down or if it’s not family friendly to go there yourself.


Eunice Figueroa Aristyles De La Gente if it’s anything like their bar I’m not interested in finding out.


Eileen Hickman Eunice Figueroa this is not associated with any bar on Grand Avenue.


Monica Burke Eileen yes it is owned by the same people.


Kris Romero Eileen Hickman Yes it is!


Sierra Eva- Dominic This is where i grew up and spent my childhood, i absolutely love the remoodle and the family vibes! I’m thankful for the pat down to ensure further safety. Just because our area is safe doesn’t mean everyone who comes is


Geni Wisnewski Sierra Eva- Dominic I was going to say the same thing you never know who is coming from outside the area


Scott Fletcher Aristyles De La Gente the lanes are the same!! They did nothing to them!!


Tim Hoppis I hope they do well! SSF could use a place like this. let people have some fun! curmudgeon’s gonna whine


Daniel Rogers The bowl was my hang out for years.the memories will live on and Interested In seeing the Inside. Never forget Dianna the bar tender at the old bowl


Dillon Kon Daniel Rogers Shit all we did was bowl on Summer break


Daniel Rogers Dillon Kon yup getting into trouble at the bowl at a young age lol


Dillon Kon Daniel Rogers Bottle rockets n fires in the backyard lol


Spencer Ray Does anyone have a problem with Fort McKinley being open until 2am? lol it’s in the same neighborhood, I grew up in South City 3rd generation we ate at the old bowling alley diner all the time until my grandparents passed away. I really don’t see the problem with the remodel. Just sounds like a lot of people who never went to old bowling alley in years complaining about change. Nick and Kristen from 96.5 KOIT held their care for kids bowl a thon there. It is a very family friendly place. If you’re worried about the night time atmosphere, I encourage you to go on a weekend night to experience it for yourself before we pass judgement based on other people’s opinions, and please don’t judge people by their looks, and clothes.


Scott Fletcher Spencer Ray the change has effected the lives of 200-300 people that have been bowling there for some of them 50 years and were still bowling there, all the seniors have no where to go, all the regulars in the restaurant , which is no longer it’s a snack bar now,all the locals who live in the area that went to the bar are not going to pay SF prices!! It’s not all people that haven’t been there in years like you maybe, it’s the people that were still going there up until it closed!! These people didn’t hang at Fort McKinley , nothing to do with that!! And Race has nothing to do with it, previous owner was Asian


Spencer Ray Scott Fletcher the bowling alley wasn’t doing well that’s why ownership changed. So the 200-300 people weren’t doing enough to keep the business afloat and apparently the prices weren’t good enough to maintain the business. The meeting is about the late night hours extending from midnight to 2am which honestly isn’t that big of a deal like I said Fort McKinley in the same neighborhood is open until two. The meeting is not about ownership change also no one said anything about race? Who are these people? So you assume that the patron that go to the bowling alley aren’t the same people, or that they are bad people? I don’t understand what you mean by these people? I was a regular at the restaurant until about two years ago. Lol I’m a local in the area. Who’s to say the senior have no where to go? They can still go there as I said it’s very family friendly. You guys don’t even want to give it chance. Have you been to the new bowling alley? Have you met any of the people that have gone there? Again just seems like a bunch of people not happen with the change who don’t want to give it a chance. Have you event met the new ownership? They are all about the community.


Jerry Espinoza What happened to the League’s???????? And the iconic bowling dude on the building. No hometown feeling there!


Ben Ybarra It’s so nice of them to allow the neighbors


Dennis McGuirk Ben Ybarra they probably need the business


Terri Frances The bar has had live music before


Gretchen Eberle This remodel is not right for a neighborhood!


Karen Ricard Gretchen Eberle most if it faces El Camino and the building on the corner.


Aristyles De La Gente Gretchen Eberle Could you elaborate?


Spencer Ray I think it’s been tremendous


Maria Pineda Me neither hope the food place is still there


Scott Fletcher Maria Pineda  snack bar


Othman Elayyan I live right across the street (literally) and I can tell you this. Everyone negative is a hater. Old owners sold it and the new owners took over. The new people here have been nothing but nice and kind. Security outside are just doing there job. Stop being a hater and adapt to the new.


Scott Fletcher Othman Elayyan you have to have security because it’s a night club now, not a neighbor hood bowling alley, neighbor hood bar, where regulars would hang out, now you have people from SF coming down, and prices are not for people who live in SSF, there Big city prices!!


Othman Elayyan Scott Fletcher lol the prices are a different story. I went in there and was charged $22 for a shot. That’s crazy


Dennis McGuirk It will never be a local hangout like it was.


Edwin Grijalva Dennis McGuirk times change get over it lol


Dennis McGuirk Edwin Grijalva I’ve gone there since 1956. I don’t do well with change. Sorry


Steve Rozzi Edwin Grijalva I agree with Dennis it’ll never be the same as Brentwood Bowl was growing up in the 50’s!!


Edwin Grijalva Steve Rozzi well I didn’t want Chuck E. Cheese to change their pizza recipe but they did. Lmao life must go on haha


Coleman Yee a lot of negatory comments here about the business but it’s safe for me to guess that it would be even more if new condos took this space over? can’t win these days I guess!


Christopher Archuleta I went there,Friday night. All I seen there was young Asian kids. And that is not what South San Francisco is about. No wonder they have so much Security. I would not go back. This place SUCKS!!!


Paul Zink i guess midnight wont be parking the caddy out front anymore,,,some people will Get it


Jason Villasenor Home town bowl. Why do you need Security Guards looking like thugs at the front door? I hope they have California BSIS Guard cards.this is Brentwood!! Not the hood…the new owners killed south city history….


Marciel Dela Cruz There’s Chintos all over the place bro


Scott Ling Maybe they’ll get shut down for a week for serving minors like they did on Grand and call it a “remodel”. LMFAO


Scott Ling Eunice Figueroa this is STILL on their Yelp page. SMFH


Eileen Hickman Scott Ling this is not the same place. The place you are referencing has nothing whatsoever to do with the new bowling alley!!!


Eileen Hickman Scott Ling this is not associated with a business on Grand.


Tina Varsanyi Eileen Hickman i believe it is owned by the same people, so there is some association


Phil Fioresi Sr. it is owned by the same guy as the bar on grand


Scott Ling Eunice Figueroa it’s a consortium that also owns Hometown Heroes on Grand and in the East Bay


Scott Ling Eileen Hickman it’s a consortium that also owns Hometown Heroes on Grand and in the East Bay


Scott Fletcher Eileen Hickman same people


George Vlahakos I drive by it 2 times a day. Do people still go bowling ? Seems empty


Laura Servetti-Lewis There’s no parking


Vivian VerBrugge Metcalf Brown Laura Servetti-Lewis just park across the street!


Spencer Ray The smart and finals parking lot. Just like fort McKinley uses and they are open till 2


Eve Vuillemainroy There has never been parking. Park in the Brentwood Market parking lot. Or on the El Camino


Jessica Sobalvarro I can’t wait to check it out


Chris Willis Where do patrons park??


Eve Vuillemainroy Walk if your neighborhood.


Eve Vuillemainroy If you park in the lot, since all the businesses are closed at night, I’m sure SSFPD will be waiting nearby.


Spencer Ray The smart and finals parking lot


Chris Willis Eve Vuillemainroy in frint of your house!


Steven Kelly I’d rather have a “not family friendly” establishment rather than more goddamn condos


Spencer Ray Steven Kelly it is family friendly at night it’s turns into 21+ just like D&B did when they first opened


Steven Kelly Spencer Ray I figured that. I just said that due to the other comments about it apparently not being family friendly. I’d much rather have the Bowl the way it is rather than more condos clogging up the city


Harry Tschaplizki What’s going on?


Brian Keith Seriously dislike the outside. Looks like a strip club.


Jessica Harris Monica Burke I’m not sure how I feel about having a nightclub down the street from a completely residential area. Drunk drivers going up and down the streets. Loud music. People hanging around out front until 2am. Makes me nervous to be honest.


Jessica Harris Monica Burke I sound like a crotchety old person, but I cant help it


Monica Burke Jessica Harris I completely agree. Traffic is already crazy. Where are these people going to park. The bowling alley has no lot. And they only want the under 30 crowd so I think we should sound crotchety. Lol


Valerie Leticia Jessica…Yeah, I could definitely see our cars getting sideswiped!!


Carlos Gonzalez this post should be interesting


Diane Mondani Gretter Jennifer Celentano are you aware of this????


Jennifer Celentano Diane Mondani Gretter yes and I will be attending. I have some feedback for the business. It is currently not all that family friendly, targeting mostly teens and young adults


Fred Ponce Are you for real dude..Spencer Ray.. all about the community… every time I tried to go in there . at the door they said it’s a private party. ..how many private parties can you have ….and then when the locals do go their the beers are $8 each a shot of booze is $12 or more.. a bottle of Jameson is 19.95….. 20 shots in a bottle what is that like a 600% markup on pricing….. that’s called San Francisco tourist pricing… this is a neighborhood bar and facility… you eliminated all league bowling….. you are trying to cater to the rich South city.. .this is not a rich Community… it’s a working man’s community…. I hope they don’t bring the problems that they have down at the other bar on Grand Avenue to this establishment…. the same owners. are you fooling yourselves and everyone or like Trump would say it’s all a bunch of Lies…. when we used to go there all the time we had every demographic group show up there…. but now you only see one group…. obviously someone’s trying to change the climate of the area….. I will agree it needed an overhaul but not to a point where you create gentrification …..

just like San Francisco’s Mission District and every other community in this supposedly Rich Bay Area…. moving the less fortunate and people with no money out …the ones who made the town what it is…. South San Francisco…… South City is a suburb and a residential community … just my personal thoughts . .. but I think a lot of people would agree….


Phil Fioresi Sr. whos gonna go and pay 8 bucks for a beer?


Loren Portillo Should discuss that ugly ass paint job they did on that building ?


Gretchen Eberle Loren Portillo I agree! They gave the place a cr@ppy paint job!!!


Loren Portillo And that Brentwood bowl sign is not even there anymore? Just a black building??


Geni Wisnewski Loren Portillo you should reach out to the owner he is a really nice guy I’m sure if enough people speak up he may listen especially if no one patronizes the business


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