SSF Resident Survey Responses to PUC Development in Sunshine Gardens Neighborhood

South San Francisco, Ca November 13, 2019

In response to multiple requests to allow South City residents have their say on the development proposed for the PUC site in the Sunshine Gardens’ neighborhood, we established a survey on November 9th (CLICK HERE) and below we are sharing the results as of 1pm today, November 13. This item is on the City Council agenda for this evening at 7pm at the MSB, 33 Arroyo Drive. (CLICK HERE FOR COUNCIL AGENDA/ STAFF NOTES)


Neighbors have continued to complain that City officials have not had a conversation with them, rather the meetings that have taken place on this topic have been driven by the developer, talking at, rather than with, and pushing a narrative that does not represent the people that call South City home. As our officials are elected neighbors, residents wanted to ensure their voices were heard loud and clear, because of ‘all the outsiders pushing other agendas’ on our City.  We will mail a copy of this information to our City Council in hopes they do take this into consideration, as elected officials, and as our neighbors.


As of this time there were 388 responses and every neighborhood appears to have had some input. It should be noted that question #1, ‘……how long does it take you to get to your place of employment’ , ESC received multiple comments stating this sentiment:   What used to be a 10 minute commute across zip 94080 now takes 35-45 minutes’ , so there is that to also take into consideration.


Feel free to add your comments below, or email

Below is the overview of these Q/A:



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Height restrictions for single family homes probably no more than 2 levels but mostly because it would block views. For apartments complex, I would leave that to the experts. I wouldn’t support like 10 stories, but maybe 3-5?


11/12/2019 11:46 PM   Single family homes 3 stories


11/12/2019 12:54 PM   4 stories


11/11/2019 7:31 PM    3-6 stores


11/11/2019 5:47 PM  3- stories MAX!


11/11/2019 5:33 PM 3-5 stories. With 5 story max!


11/11/2019 8:21 AM   3-5 with underground parking


11/10/2019 10:10   3 stories


11/10/2019 6:32 PM    3 – 4 stories max!!!


11/10/2019 3:03 PM   3 or 4 stories.


11/10/2019 2:53 PM   3-4 stories maybe.


11/10/2019 1:21 PM     4


11/10/2019 11:47 AM    4


11/10/2019 8:14 AM   3-5 stories maximum in established single family neighborhoods


11/10/2019 7:22 AM   Same as other buildings in the area


11/10/2019 6:08 AM   2 story


11/10/2019 5:41 AM    3 to4


11/9/2019 10:31 PM   5 stories


11/9/2019 8:33 PM    Whatever zoning says


11/9/2019 8:30 PM   3 stories


11/9/2019 5:06 PM   3 story


11/9/2019 5:00 PM   3 stories


11/9/2019 4:59 PM  2 stories should be sufficient


11/9/2019 4:58 PM  3 to 5 stories depending on surrounding neighborhood




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Judi Sanchez
Judi Sanchez
2 years ago

What is status on PUC Site? Has a height limit been established? Why is Oak Avenue not a street goingvthru to ECR in Phase 1? That could help with traffic infrastructure issues now.