Talking Trash – This has to STOP! NO MORE DUMPING!

South San Francisco, CA  November 13, 2019

This isn’t the first time this has happened, yet with enough outrage, and eyes out there, we might be able to stop this trend of people using OUR City as THEIR dumping grounds. It seems we see more of this around the last and first of the month, as people may be moving out, and generally near apartments, where they may not have access to individual additional garbage service.

PLEASE, if you ever see anyone dumping, contact 911 and report it immediately, and include as much information as possible. If you witness garbage dumped, after the fact, contact the City Manager’s Office as soon as possible, at 650/877.8505. They will have someone check it out, and determine who might be at fault, and hold them responsible. Our South San Francisco Scavenger Company, INC offers excellent services, and outreach, for those who need to get rid of unwanted items. {See below for more info}

This dumping is not only disrespectful, disgusting, and unsightly, it is a health hazard and needs to be remedied sooner than later. We appreciate our neighbor for reporting this to the Scavengers, and to the Scavengers for contacting our City department to find a resolution to this. While this was on Susie Way, there are other key locations in our City that has a history of dumping. As our City continues to grow, and with less single family homes that have residential scavenger service, we really need to educate those in multi-family dwellings on how to properly dispose of unwanted items. If you live in a multi-family dwelling, please contact your property manager, or Scavengers at 650/589.4020 to learn more!

This is OUR City and if WE don’t own it, by caring for it, this could become our new norm.

Don’t let that happen!


Additional items for Scavenger pick must be scheduled in advance by contacting SSF Scavengers at 650/589.4020 They will NOT be picked up when left without a prior authorization and will be considered dumping.

Blatant disrespect towards neighbors, and property, cannot be ignored, or allowed. PLEASE report those who dump to our SSFPD 650/877.8900

Is this what we want OUR kids to see when they go outside?

There are items included in these heaps of trash, that could have been donated, and given a new home to someone else.

Hopefully, somewhere within that bag, or other debris, clues might be found to determine the person(s) responsible for this, and they will be held accountable.


What couldn’t fit next to the recyclable bins was dumped through out the complex, shamelessly.


If you live in a single family residence, this information below is for you regarding disposing of bulky items, via SSF Scavengers:

If you live in a multi-family dwelling, please contact your property manager/ landlord, or Scavengers at 650/589.4020 to learn more.


On-Call Cleanup Program

Residents of single-family dwellings can schedule two free cleanups per calendar year. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of a large bulky item and/or several bags of garbage. Schedule your cleanup and we’ll pick up:

12 Bags of Garbage


6 Bags of Garbage and 1 Large Item (sofa, mattress, appliance, etc)


2 Large Items (sofa, mattress, appliance, etc.)

*Note: Cleanups are scheduled on your regularly scheduled garbage collection day.

**Special Handling fees may apply to electronic waste or items requiring special handling.

Ready to schedule? Login in to Contact Us Today


  • Call at least 24hrs in advance of your regularly scheduled collection day to schedule a Cleanup.
  • Let us know how many bags, boxes, and which bulky items you will be putting out at the curb.
  • No loose garage will be collected; must be placed in bags or boxes.
  • All branches, wood pieces, and carpet rolls must be tied and no longer than 4 feet

Please recycle yard trimmings and other recyclables; if you have extra please call us.

Other Options to Consider


Report Dumping

Persons seen “dumping” their trash in public or private places or dumping oil, solvents, or paint into the City’s storm drains or creeks will be prosecuted. Please call the South San Francisco Police Department at (650) 877-8900 immediately.

For dumping in Public Places: report to South San Francisco Public Works at (650) 877-8550.

For excessive accumulation of trash and debris on Private Property: report to Code Enforcement at (650) 829-6682.

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3 years ago

EDITOR NOTE: We keep ESC in English only because we do not have anyone proficient who can moderate/ translate from Spanish, Tagalog, Cantonese, as has been requested in the past, and to ensure the majority of our neighbors can find information they need.

Below is a rough translation on Roberto’s comment above, via Google translator:

“It is a berguensa but the city has to see a lot in the problem the cost of paying to throw in the center of basusra is very expensive people have no money and the cost is very expensive … for me the most indicated and solve the problem is to place security cameras and punish the responsible … not all that garbage is from this area..more surveillance is required the area looks very bad …..

roberto perez
roberto perez
3 years ago

es una berguensa pero la ciudad tiene que ver mucho en el problema el costo de pagar para tirar en el centro de basusra es muy caro la gente no tiene dinero y el costo es muy caro… para mi lo mas indicado y solucionar el problema es colocar camaras de seguridad y sancionar al responsable…no toda esa basura es de esta area..mas vigilancia se requiere el area se ve muy mal …..

Frank Rancatore
Frank Rancatore
3 years ago Click Report a problem.

Frank Rancatore
Frank Rancatore
3 years ago

Go to Click Report A Problem.