Saying Good-bye to Mr South City: Midge Damonte Obituary

South San Francisco, Ca   December 6, 2019

We are so saddened to share the news sent to us by Carolyn Walker, Migde’s Granddaughter, that our City’s Patriarch, Midge Damonte, aka Mr South City, has passed on.

Mr. Emanuele “Midge” Damonte, former South San Francisco Mayor and Councilman, South San Francisco Unified School District Board Trustee, Principal of Los Cerritos and Monte Verde Elementary Schools, passed away peacefully, with family by his side, on November 30, 2019. He enjoyed his last Thanksgiving at home with 30 Family members including his kids, grand and great grandchildren, his son Daniel tells us. “We are all very sad but rejoice that he has rejoined the love of his life, our Mother.”
He was 93 years old and was a life-long resident and public servant of South City and reached the hearts of generations through out our City.

The funeral and celebration of Mr. Damonte’s life will take place in January 2020, tentatively set for January 10 (Vigil) and January 11th (Funeral and reception). We will update this information as it becomes available.

The world is so much better for Midge’s life, rest in peace Please feel free to share your memories below, the Damonte family appreciates hearing them all, as Carolyn expressed on our FB page
Thank you so much everyone for your comments, it’s really lovely to hear about my grandpa through the eyes of others. Please keep sharing! His children and grandchildren appreciate your memories and well wishes! ‘


Comments from our social media:

Ken Ibarra One can consider him “Mr. South City” as a longtime community servant who touched so many students and parents lives. Always caring, always available. I was pleasantly surprised to see Midge and his family on a cruise a few years ago – spotted him in a second out of hundreds. Rest In Peace Mr. Damonte


Kamala Silva Wolfe Midge was a class act all the way, a true inspiration. From neighbor, to Principal, to confidant and mentor, McD’s holder of the golden key, a true friend to so many, much appreciation to his family for sharing him with us. By grace, he showed how to be both a leader and a servant, his legacy lives on in all of us. Thank you for being in my life Midge, rest in peace.


Andrea Carey Villa Midge Damonte was a wonderful thoughtful person. He was always for the school children and the residents. He is definitely a person to remember in South San Francisco. My condolences to the family


Patty Isham RIP Mr. Damonte. He was my principal at Los Cerritos. He was a friend of my Grandfather. I remember Mr. Damonte and his family going to my Grandfathers cabin in the delta when I was a kid.He was a guest at our wedding. My condolences to his family. He was a great person.


Sandy Dugan He was my principal at Los Cerritos and made school fun. The Pledge of Allegiance in the morning followed by a patriotic song, him dressing up on Halloween, our bus trip to Washington DC and remembering my name many years later when he saw me when I worked for the City. My condolences to his family.


Sergio-Sonia Mendoza Our condolences to the Damonte family. May he Rest In Peace


Georgina Baca Our prayers for the family. So Sorry for his loss. He was a great man.


Kris Peradotto Rest in Peace Mr. Damonte…I enjoyed many 8:30 am week day Masses with you at ST. Veronica …


Dawn Pace Mr. Damonte was well respected. My sincere condolences to his loved ones.


Pamela DiGiovanni Heartfelt condolences, love and prayers to his family and all who love him! And to those in SSF !


Julie Hammond So sorry to hear. Our prayers are with you all.


Roger Cain So sorry to hear this. RIP.


Silvana Marsetti Swafford Wow I remember him at El Cerrito waaaaaaaayyyy back in the day. Sad to hear, but a life well lived


Maria Cando Miller Condolences n prayers goes to the family Rip


Sally Johnson RIP such a wonderful man. Did so many great things in our community.


Debbie Hamilton Wydler I’m so sad to hear this.


Tara Freya He was my principal at Monte Verde. He was very kind and always had a smile on his face. My condolences to his family.


RebeccaMarie Salaiz Awww I remember him very nice man.

Dennis McGuirk RIP MIDGE


Joyce Messing So saddened to hear , I was a mom of 5 Los Cerritos students. Mr Damonte was so wonderful to his students, he went overboard making school so much fun for everyone! We helped with outdoor education the kids loved it! Rest In Peace dear friend.


Rosa Gomez He paid for me to go to outdoor ed when I didnt think I would be able to go. Because of that week away I gained a love for nature and camping! He truly was one of a kind!


Lisa Mares McCarley Carolyn Walker you were so lucky to have him. I hope he went peacefully to heaven. He sure was someone who shouldn’t suffer. He gave and taught so well.


Carolyn Walker Lisa I and my cousins are very blessed


Esther DuBovis Carolyn Walker be proud he was a great man


Augie Cervantes Carolyn Walker he was very well like and loved by so many,everybody that ever made contact loved this man it was his true nature and charisma


Ashley Hope I’m so sorry for you and your family’s loss. Sending love and positive thoughts during this difficult time. My grandma Marilyn was part of his lunch group. He was always so nice to me and by reading all these comments, he made an impact on so many other people as well.


Kim Guzman Mr. Damonte was a great influence on me. He was kind, and compassionate, and he loved kids.

He was my grade school principal, and he was their when I was hit by a car. He was the first face I saw, and he held my hand until help came.

Condolences to the family he will be missed


Kim Guzman Rob Carlsen, I can write so many great things he has done for me, but that would be a book of good stories


Matthew Hopper Juner If you grew up in South San Francisco, you probably knew his name or better yet knew him personally. Mr Damonte was a close family friend. My moms best friends dad, 3rd grade teacher, pricipal at 2 SSF schools, on the city council and then the mayor of SSF. Emanuele (Midge) Damonte left a lot of people very sad when he passed last week but he was a shinning star for all that were honored to know him. Rest in peace Mr Damonte


Diana Lynn Aww, Midge. Such fond memories of our childhood, neighborhood and your father. My sincere condolences to the entire Damonte family. I am so sorry for your loss of this great man. xo


Roger Snow I had the opportunity to meet him a few times at gatherings that Patrick Fitzgerald’s dad would have at his home. I went to school with his daughter Beth, too. Very nice people.


Brian Gould I’m saddened to hear of his passing and also proud to know he was here. His attributes were many and his presence in our community was well known and very well regarded. Daughter Laurie was/is a dear classmate of ours and my heart goes out to her and her siblings today.


David Martin Tough, but fair! He was such a great principal at Los Cerritos. Sending prayers to his family.


Gale Rossi So sad to hear of his passing! My condolences to his family and friends. He was the principal of Los Cerritos on the day I started kindergarten and for all the years I was there (a very long time ago). Very fond memories of his presence and participation at every school event. RIP kind sir!


Linda Southworth-Rogers Mr. Damonte brought so much joy, laughter and love to so many. Especially children. He was my Principal at Los Cerritos Elementary School. He did so much for us. He took us on the BEST field trips! Mr. Damonte was a strong man with a huge heart. Heaven gained an incredible angel.


Mary Stieren Pancoast the best field trips!


Steven Kelly I remember he’d stop by my house on random occasions to visit my grandma. Heard so many wonderful thing about him growing up, and it was truly a pleasure to meet him on a handful of occasions. RIP good sir


Jeffrey Gilbert My heart is broken. He was a great educator and wonderful human being. He helped create so many wonderful memories in my youth. Rest In Peace Mr. D!


Sandy ‘Neideffer’ Leiendecker I knew Mr Damonte from Los Cerritos. He was the best Principal, he loved the kids. I’ll never forget when he would pinch your cheek even though it hurt a little it made you feel special.

I’m so sorry for your loss


Flor Nicolas Our deepest sympathy to the Damonte Family


Shobna Kishan One of the best principals and person I have known. Condolences to the family.


Augie Cervantes I among many will for sure miss him I have always over the years thought of him as a Great Man of many accomplishments and is often the subject of conversation.He was the Principal of los Cerritos when I started kindergarten. Last time we talked was 1974 God Bless


Miguel Angel Lara Jr. Rest In Peace Mr.Damonte for being our principal at Los Cerritos & taking us out to NAPA . Prayers to the Damonte family.


Cynthia Roberts Thank you for your kindhearted service to all of us So. City folks; you will always be remembered fondly! I am grateful I was able chat with you and share my respect and appreciation of the kindnesses you showed me at Los Cerritos. Blessings and condolences to his loved ones!


Julie N Mapu Toatelegese My condolences to you and the rest of his family. He was my principal at Monte Verde Elementary School. He took all of us 6 th graders to a school near Reno. He gave the strongest handshakes and was a very sincere and loving man. My family ran into him a couple of years ago while eating lunch. I had to take my daughter over to him to meet my principal when I was at Monte Verde because my daughter now goes to Monte Verde. He was sweet enough to allow us to interrupt his lunch to have a few words with us. He was a wonderful man. Thank you for sharing him with all of us!


Marguerite Mary Umbertus My condolences to his family Mr.D has touched so many hearts for those who shared time with him I remember him at spruce school and leading adult gym class workouts at So. City.high-school. My sons and other family members were blessed to know him at Los Cerritos..I was happy to see him at mac donald’s as he was kind to refill my coffee the most wonderful time was to sit on a bench at orange ave park and remember old times until we walked again…such a great person never to forget …Rest in peace Mr D


Rick Drosky He helped shape our young lives as principal of Los Cerritos. He was a good man. R.I.P. Mr Damonte.


Lupe Arreola He was my Principal at Los Cerritos. So sorry to hear that. My condolences to all his family.


Stephen Devine Nice guy with a big heart. Enjoyed substitute teaching at Los Cerritos school. Respect and condolences to his family and friends.


Ray Nutting knew your Dad Beth. So sorry for your loss. Was a great dad and public servant.


Rich Lee We were blessed to have Mr. Damonte as a pillar in the South San Francisco community for so long. He was an exemplary human being with a heart of gold. Thank you for making a difference in our lives and setting such a high bar to aspire to.


William Gorwood I’m heartbroken. Mr. Damonte was a devoted educator, civic leader, family man, and friend. His entire life was spent making a difference. He truly helped shape my life at a very young age; making me a better man, husband, father, friend, and public servant. He has always had my love, my friendship, and my respect. Rest in Peace Mr. D.


Lorraine Scharff He left a beautiful legacy. You were all so blessed to have him in your lives for all those years.


Miguel Cervantes I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Damonte i have Great memories of caring and loving man My condolences to the family RIP MR D


Robin Ferguson What a wonderful, one of a kind human being!

This man did so much for so many!

We couldn’t begin to count the lives he has touched/influenced! Thanks for all the great memories Mr Damonte!!!!


Lisa Mares McCarley So glad he touched my life. An absolute wonderful person and I learned so much from him. He will never be forgotten.


Stephanie Ramirez May he Rest In Peace! He was one of my Vip Customers at Shari’s Restaurant in San Bruno. Prayers to the Family! I will miss him very much!


Brandi Magner Rest In Peace sir. Your service and examples has been a inspiration to so many. Comfort and grace to the family


Laura Knight Mickey Lewis First principle I had at Los Cerritos …. I love you Mr Damonte…. RIP you were an amazing man and very loved by all. We all will miss you.

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Bonnie Tognetti Very good man. He was an asset to our hometown and especially the children.


Carol Fink Broussard Aw, sad news … he was such an important member of our community. He lived a nice long life, good for him.


Anthony Sheets Great memories of Mr Damonte – otter pops, camping trip, basketball and a huge heart – great man – so sorry for your loss


Ellen Anne Chong Fond Los Cerritos Elementary memories…thank you Mr. Damonte.


Vicki Cummins I only recall his presence as Love; condolences to those who held him close.


Patricia Acosta He was my principal at Monte Verde – he was amazing – best principle


Mary Stieren Pancoast I tell my girls about Mr. Damonte often and what a wonderful principal he was…A very special person.


Mary Plattner I had him as a teacher when i was in 5th grade. I think it was at Spuce school. He was such a fair teacher, he was so well liked by all age groups. I remember kids from high shcool would stop by just to say hello to him. He was my favorite teacher. Condolences to the family.


Lemasino Taesali’alii Afuvai What a great man! I talk about him all the time tell my kids and husband how great of principal he was to us and everyone


Debbie Hoska Remember his fantastic trip we all went to Italy he got going for family and friends…


Geraldine Hanna Lara I loved him so much he was my friend since I was in Los Cerritos. You will be missed . Rest in peace Mr. Damonte


Diane Giusti Really liked that man even when I was a young kid at Los Cerritos. God bless.


Jim Bernardini Beth, sorry for your loss you were lucky to have him for a dad.


JoAn Serrata Like everyone else I am sad to realize he has passed away but South City’s loss is Heavens’ gain.


Laurie Dolly He was a great guy-so nice!!!! He used to go back to visit Monte Verde.


Joy Navarrete Soto RIP Principal Damonte. I remember singing “High Hopes” for him in glee club at Monte Verde (c. 1983)


Bob Kay Had my name carved into one of his paddles!


Deborah Bacey Wow. It’s been a long time. Where does the time go? And how did I get so old!!!


Jennifer Der Awwww, Mr D!!! He was the best principal ever…he Let us do pull ups on his arm and made us chocolate chip pancakes!!!  Marielle Bundukin Hwang

Marguerite Mary Umbertus Jennifer Der I remember that


Jennifer Der Marguerite Mary Umbertus – he was awesome and although I haven’t seen him in a long time, he will be missed!!!


Linda Fontenot He did so much for my family will always be in our Hearts


Sue Gutierrez Gomez That’s just makes my heat sad. He was such a great man.. always there for everyone.

RIP. You will be missed by all condolences to the family..


Leann Proud We love you Mr. Damonte!


Rich Pera A good man. Our condolences from the Pera family


Leni Etchingham Was a great employee of the So. S F. School. District for many years.


David Burruto Thanks for the Information.


Deb Wilborn He was my principal at Los Cerritos. RIP


Muriel Pleasic Peninger Wonderful kind Man, u will always be in my heart Mr. D.


Linda Bintz He was our principal at Los Cerritos he was such a sweet and caring man so sorry to hear this prayers to his family


Lucille Gutierrez Hernandez Rest In Peace Mr. Damonte. You were a great friend to the Gutierrez Family.


Paul Fuss You will be missed !!

Love & respect

Not your paddle though..


Leon Lazaro Paul Fuss I went to his office 2 times he showed me his paddle hanging on his office had holes all over it. So the air won’t slow it down. Lol


Paul Fuss Leon Lazaro I got paddle with the regular one and the one with the holes in it


Judy Ferrando I knew him at the school. Nice guy


Carla DeMarco He was such a good man. He always made time for everyone. The man could not sit in public and eat a meal, he was known by all and we had to say hello whenever we saw him. Rest in Peace Mr. Damonte


Julie Daniel Great man right here! Thank you Mr. Damonte for being the person you were.. Sending my condolences to the Family. May you Rest In Peace!!


David Perez Mister Demonte I loved you when I was a little kid growing up in Los Cerritos School I still love you now rest in peace


Charles Crispo-de Sira Rest in eternal peace Mayor Damonte!


Donna Tillman Carver So sorry to hear this. He was a great man. I will always remember him. My condolences to his family


Caroline Erickson Condolences and prayers for the Damonte family…


Brian Keith Really cool guy. I remember being impressed by how strong his handshake was. RIP, sir.


Connie Simotas Sad to hear always so nice to us and my dad’s Boy Scout troop back in the day. Memory eternal


BabeNalani Nahoku Martinez Thank you Mr. Damonte! May your soul rest in peace knowing how many lives you touched. How much you are respected and loved.


Connie Ricca he was good friends with my dad! a very nice man


Lorraine Scharff So very sorry for you loss.


Neal Sato Always gave the strongest of handshakes.


Erik Scharff So sorry guys! Thinking of you all.


Steve Seifert I remember him from kindergarten.


Jeanine Acosta Dear friend of my parents. Very fond memories of a great man. He will be dearly missed.


Anthony Michael Pollastrini He was my next store neighbor


Sharon Nakada Condolences to his family


Carla Grimsley What great memories I have of him…great man…fun teacher…God Bless


John Montoya Mr Damonte was my principal at los Cerritos in 1963. Sorry for your loss.he had his hands full with Mrs. Sharadins class ist grade class. His paddle with holes in it got a workout that year.


Always the life of the party, Midge pictured here at the SSFHS reunion in 2018, with his son Daniel


Boopt Deborah Condolences to the family …rest in Paradise…


Bill Green God Bless. A Great Man.


Frank Fontenot Great man and Friend.


Laura Flynn Peradotto A great man.


Marisela Zarco de Bautista Rest in peace


Matthew Teglia A solid man & public servant. He ran for city council on a joint ticket with my mom in ‘78. I remember playing “army” in a tree fort in his backyard with his son Chris. RIP


Vincent Camp Rest In Heavenly Peace Mr. Damonte


Theresa Jiggetts Condolences and prayers to the family, friends, and associates of Mr. Damonte.


Linda Fontenot God Bless this Special Man


Juanita Flores RIP


Esther DuBovis My condolences to the family may he rest in peace I have wonderful memories of mr. Demonte and mr. Mallarino. They were very influential in my life.


Marizela Avila RIP Midge


Linda Messing One of a Kind Great man. Surely will be missed.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Damonte.


Helen Bertolani He was a great uncle I will miss him


Helen Fong RIP


Mónica González May he Rest in Eternal Peace. My condolences to his family


Nancy Morini Waisanen R.I.P. thank you for your kindness


Vivian VerBrugge Metcalf Brown Oh sad!


Cindy Carmichael Rest In Peace.


Gigi Santinelli Santamaria He was the best, going to
Miss you Rest In Paradise
Mr. D ?


Frank Verducci Jr Great Man


Leilani Asoau Mr. Damonte was a special man and a wonderful Principal at Los Cerritos…I can’t even remember my other Principal’s names! He made that kind of positive impact on us kids that we would keep his name engraved in our hearts and minds forever! ♥️


Lorijo Silicani He was the best.r.i.p.


Carol Robinson So very sorry for your loss


Alan Albin Adkisson Hmmm.
Very soon Anthony you will have another powerful spirit to petition in your moments of need.
Continue to be the man I saw reflected in his eyes when you introduced us.


Bobbi Woolworth He was truly a wonderful man


Angel Ceballos Rest In Peace Mr Damonte. My Condolences To His Family ,Friends


JoAnn Beltrame Holden RIP


Paul Ferreira He was a great man


Donna Leo RIP SIR


Patrick Lucy Sorry to hear.


Terry Coleman Dewees May the perpetual light shine on him


Robin Jauch Johnson Sorry may he rest in peace


Michael Hendrick What a great guy,principal, human gonna be missed for sure


Peter Giachetti He was a great man RIP a real South City boy


Paul Biondi RIP friend


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Craig Guglielmetti
Craig Guglielmetti
2 years ago

Like many here, Midge Damonte (or “Mr. D”) was my principal at Los Cerritos. A great guy, honorable man, and he knew how to keep me in line when necessary! He was a life-long friend of my father (Edward) and Midge will be missed greatly. Midge’s contributions to education in South City, to St. Veronica’s Parish, and to the City of South San Francisco as a community leader, City Councilman and Mayor will long be cherished all who remember him and were privileged to have their life touched by him. RIP Mr. D.

vebina sethi
vebina sethi
2 years ago

Thanks to Principal Damonte, my kindergarten years back in the early 70’s were the best I could ask for. My memories of Los Cerritos Elementary of having fresh Rolling Pin Doughnuts (Raised Glazed) available to purchase during lunch for 25c and a small carton of milk 10c. Little did I know this treat was not available to all elementary children. I sure miss the high level of dedicated education that Mr. Damonte exemplified. Thank you very much for all that you did for the children of South San Francisco. May you rest in Peace. Vebina Sethi (Singh)

Dorothy Higuera
Dorothy Higuera
2 years ago

Mr. Damonte was a caring and thoughtful man and a wonderful principal at Los Cerritos School where my son attended. God bless you Mr. Damonte, may you rest in peace.

Dorothy Higuera
Dorothy Higuera
2 years ago

Mr. Damonte was a caring and thoughtful man and a wonderful principal at Los Cerritos where my son attended. He truly cared for children and their families.. God bless you, Mr Damonte, rest in peace.

Jolene Malfatti, CSEA #197 President-
Jolene Malfatti, CSEA #197 President-
2 years ago

Mr. Damonte was truly devoted to the field of education and was always held in high esteem by many. I worked with him as our School Board Trustee. I will never forget Midge and his kind spirit and dedication to our students and school district!

2 years ago

The year was 1955
I moved from Massachusetts to California.
Mr. Damonte was my 5th grade teacher at Martin elementary school.
What a great teacher he was. I had a lot of respect for him.
Throughout the years I would always run into him here or there in South City.
The later years I would look for his car at Mc Donald’s and stop by to say hello and have coffee.
He will be missed . He was Mr.South City .
My condolences to his family.
Dan Aires