SSF Chamber Provides Lists of Restaurant/Food/Beverage Suppliers Still Offering Services as of March 18, 2020

South San Francisco, CA   March 18, 2020 Submitted by SSF Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce has complied a list of our Restaurant/Food/Beverage Members and Non-Members who have chosen to remain open during this time for pickup/TOGO orders, and/or delivery.

Also, you can support these businesses by buying gift cards that can be used at a later time (when we can then dine-in). Every dollar ?will help #supportlocal and will help support some of our favorite eateries now during this time of need.

We do apologize to some of our members, as we are making personal calls to each of you. We will update this list daily.

Friends and supporters if your favorite establishment is not on this list and they are open. Please comment below or email our CEO at and we will add them.

Updated list as of 7:30pm March 18, 2020





We also would like to take this opportunity to share this idea, on a similar subject, sent to us by South City resident, Daniela Jonguitud, who works with our senior community as owner of Chajinel Home Care Services. Ms Jonguitud has a very unique position, as she sees the needs of these most vulnerable groups daily, and knows of their needs. If you would like more information, or would like to work with her on this  idea, contact her at CLICK HERE


This consists in having people call and buy a “meal on hold”  to the restaurant they want to support. That meal on hold then can be delivered to our senior community who can’t leave their house, and also our disabled community as well. It can also be provided to our working force who are facing the dangers of provide care for us during these times, such as our firefighters, our clinics staff, and our homeless population in town.

I truly believe there is endless possibilities for this, in how people can volunteer to help, (starting by us) to deliver meals to the huge amount of seniors and disables, who do not qualify for meals on wheels or services like that. Who are Isolated or having a hard time to find food in the supermarkets.



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Joseph Francia
Joseph Francia
3 years ago

Specialty’s Café & Bakery
701 Gateway Blvd

May Ng
May Ng
3 years ago

Hi, please add my restaurant to your list of establishment that are open during “Shelter in Place”, Thank you!

Ng’s Cooking
2268 Westborough Blvd. #303
Takeout orders;
Monday-Sunday 11-8

mel perry
mel perry
3 years ago

you should be aware of certain stores
who charge extra for delivery, some of
whom are honest enough to post the
charge separately, others choose to
mark up the purchase price, per item,
an example, being instacart that costco
uses as their delivery service, do your
price comparison before you buy

Tamara Tinker
Tamara Tinker
3 years ago

Could SSF Chamber compile a list of establishments that deliver groceries?