Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County to Offer Emergency Childcare Services for Essential Workers

South San Francisco, CA  April 30, 2020 Submitted by Aubrey Merriman, CEO, BGCNSMC


As the world grapples with the COVID-19 crisis, we are inspired and humbled by the heroic efforts to provide desperately needed support.  As government responses to COVID-19 continue to unfold, many small businesses have questions about relief measures and disaster assistance.  We are trying to understand how these efforts will impact our sector and organization.  We have been surveying parents in both English and Spanish (thanks to our partnership with SurveyMonkey) to determine their needs and how we can support them in different ways. This data, along with results of a recent San Mateo County survey, as well as discussion with our community, city, and county partners is informing our short-term tactics and long-term strategies for how to be most responsive.

Hard to believe that the safe-at-home recommendations were made a month ago, have been extended for another month. In these short several weeks, we have figured out how to survive the shock of the epidemic, pared down our business model, attended to the needs of our staff, deepened our collaboration with YMCA Community Resource Center, assessed and supported deeply-needed community services through shoring up our over a decade long partnership with Second Harvest food distribution, and pivoted to responding head on to the COVID-19 pandemic as our number one priority.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County is committed to supporting our community as we have always done.  This is why we are proud to announce that starting on May 15th we will be providing a specialized childcare program for all essential workers throughout San Mateo County who are looking for respite and a place they trust to support their children. We are looking for community partners and seed funding to subsidize the per child cost for up to 60 children.  Due to the incredible response from our philanthropic community, we are pleased to offer this critical service at a significantly subsidized rate of $500 for the entire program. More details along with the link to the enrollment portal are captured on the flyer.

We are honored that the Silicon Valley Community Foundation was the first to support this COVID-19 response effort.  Their partnership and investment is helping to make this program accessible, affordable, and equitable. We are looking to continue that momentum with additional help and support.  Our plan entails opening our Orange Park Clubhouse, which received state approval to operate emergency childcare services.  We aim to provide stable routines, fun & structured activities, academic assistance, and social-emotional & mental wellness support, while adhering to strict social distancing and cleanliness guidelines.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County may mean many things, depending on whom you ask, but there is a singular trait that we can all agree defines the Club — it’s resilience. Throughout our rich history, this Club has been known for its gritty determination, steadfast presence, and indomitable spirit in the face of obstacles.  For close to 70 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County has been a pillar of the community and continues to stand shoulder to shoulder with our communities. From the industrial revolution to the digital revolution, economic recessions, and now this pandemic, we have been a stable force in the community and a comfort to the thousands of children who have entered our doors.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County is deeply embedded in our neighborhoods and in collaboration with partners and supporters we will help our communities overcome and rebound from this crisis.  Like you, we are balancing an unprecedented set of circumstances and appreciate your partnership and support during this extraordinary time. We are all working together to meet our communities’ needs in the safest and smartest manner possible


(1)  Help us secure seed additional funding.  If anyone is interested in helping to defray the cost of a class for 10 students or has insight into quick turnaround seed funding opportunities, please let us know. You can also give generously HERE!

(2)  Spread the word. If there are networks of essential infrastructure service providers that might be interested/need this type of child care service direct them to us. Share this article/send an email to your e-blast, newsletters, and specialized groups.

(3)  Donate PPE for our front line youth development professionals.


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Karyn M Gaxiola
Karyn M Gaxiola
3 years ago

Thank you for your support during these terrible times.
You are very appreciated.