South City’s Graphic Sportswear Helping Local Eateries in ‘HERE FOR GOOD’ Campaign

South San Francisco, CA   April 30, 2020

.Graphic Sportswear, a South San Francisco screen printing company located at 173 Utah Avenue, has started a program to help keep local restaurants around.



Graphic Sportswear Design

Recently they started a program with San Francisco restaurant customers, where half of the sales went back to the restaurants to help fund free meal programs and to help with employee funds.



They are now just starting up a new program for South City restaurants as well, where they would print individual restaurant shirts that will sell for $20 with $10 going back to the restaurant




If you’re a South City restaurant owner and would like to participate please contact Mike Smith at And remember, this would be at zero cost or commitment from you.


If you have a favorite restaurant or pub, be sure to share this offer with them so you can show your support and help them through these tough times! “It’s part of our program to keep some of our iconic restaurants here for good.” Said Mike.


We’re in this together – apart!


We are excited to announce old skool GARDEN CLUB is now participating! CLICK HERE if you’d like to purchase a shirt in support!

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