Letter to Editor: No to Proposed Linden Ave Traffic Calming

South San Francisco, Ca  June 21, 2020 by Daniel Perez, Resident of South San Francisco

Honorable Mayor and City Council members:
I respectfully request my comments be read out loud at 6/24/20 meeting.
I urge City Council not approve the proposed Linden Ave intersection road changes. To commence, although it is described as a Traffic Reduction plan, it is very short of a reduction plan. How would narrower streets help traffic move more swiftly? Quite contrary, it would cause traffic jams with more pollutants in air.
Furthermore, how can proposed changes encourage citizens to find more sustainable ways to commute to work, visit libraries, parks, promote fitness, etc.? We as bicyclists currently face many existing hazards and this particular one is unnecessary, given the fact that existing intersections function properly. Furthermore, I am against spending of $908,970 when there are URGENT community needs.
This plan is a mere Cosmetic Mismanagement of Funds, rather than an urgent traffic hazardous plan for bicyclists and pedestrians, and even our Earth. Instead of promoting getting vehicles off the roads, it only encourages us to not use alternative modes by the creation of a hazardous road.
I understand the need for handicap access, which currently exist at these intersections. What I do not understand are the tripping hazards such as those at Orange Ave (Baden and Commercial Aves). The proposed plan on Linden would be worse and not logical.
In closing, I urge our citizen elected City Council to represent the better needs of our Old Town, bicycling, sustainability communities and Mother Earth in not approving this plan.
I trust community needs take precedence over City organizational wants.
On another note, I find important items such as these being placed on Special Meetings rather than Regular Meetings as disrespectful, especially to Old Town, which historically has been ignored and not respected. I find it highly offensive.
Thank you.

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