Pacifica Municipal Pier And Pacifica Skatepark Re-Opening June 17th

South San Francisco, CA  June 13, 2020 Submitted by San Mateo County Harbor District


Preface: Many local residents have missed the fishing opportunities that had been cut off with the closing of Oyster Point Pier and Pacifica Municipal Pier during the shelter in place. Oyster Point pier opened on May 22 and Pacifica Municipal Pier will open on June 17th. Both locations require mandatory face coverings and social distance – more information please CLICK HERE.



The City of Pacifica has been actively working on figuring out how services, programs, and facilities will gradually re-open and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, the Rev. Herschell Harkins Memorial Pier (a.k.a. the Pacifica Municipal Pier) and the Pacifica Skatepark will open.

Once they are open, it will be incumbent upon skatepark and pier users to follow new guidelines including physical distancing, non-gathering, mask-wearing, and any other posted requirements.

It is our hope that park and pier users will abide by the rules and encourage others to follow health and safety guidelines while using these facilities, which will allow us to keep them open safely. Otherwise, the City may have no choice but to close the skatepark and pier again to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 sheltering-in-place orders, the City of Pacifica closed the Pacifica Municipal Pier. While the pier was closed, the Public Works-Field Services team took the opportunity to upgrade and make the facility safer and improved.


The crew worked on:
• Repairing voids on the pier deck by filling and leveling with traffic-rated concrete;
• Replacing the fish cleaning station tabletops and plumbing;
• Replacing three large steel expansion joint plates due to deterioration;
• Repainting of all rule and regulation signs;
• Rehabilitation of the men and women’s bathrooms;
• Power-wash rails, benches, drinking fountains, and deck.

While using the pier, we are asking users to abide by the following rules and procedures:
• Wear face masks: NO MASK, NO ENTRY;
• Social distancing is necessary, please maintain 6 ft. distance from our essential workers and others;
• Social distancing is necessary at the fish cleaning tables;
• Pier continues to be open from 4 AM to 10 PM daily;
• All pier restrooms located by the street will be open


If you plan to use the skatepark, the rules are as follows:
• Wear face masks in the park, except when skating;
• Please maintain a distance of 6 ft. apart at all times;
• Please be courteous to other skaters, please be mindful of those waiting to skate and limit your time accordingly;
• Skatepark is open Mon-Sat from 9 AM to sunset and Sun 10:30 AM to sunset;
• Community Center outside restroom is open, located on the west side of the building.

The City Council, Commissioners, and City staff understand how difficult the Coronavirus impact has been on the community and we take our responsibility for the protection of public health and safety very seriously. We appreciate the Public’s patience and cooperation.

Staff Contact:
Sam Bautista
Deputy Director of Public Works
(650) 738-3767
Mike Perez
Director – Parks, Beaches, & Recreation

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