9 Ways Technology Has Changed Small Farm Life (And Distribution): by Guest Contributor Clara Beaufort

South San Francisco, CA  July 27, 2020 by Clara Beaufort, Gardenergigs.com

Technology has the potential to change lives in big ways. For small farmers, adding new tech can make a difference in their distribution abilities, productivity, and even crop quality. Here are nine ways technology has changed small farm life—for the better.

The Supply Chain Has Evolved

In terms of delivering products to consumers, small farms have more opportunities than ever, thanks to technology. Of course, not everything has changed.

Digital Connection Supports Commerce

While tons of produce travels nationally (and internationally), many farms are looking closer to home for distribution. Digital platforms are proving a valuable tool for connecting with consumers.

Better Crops Come from Technology

Even small farmers are implementing technology like sensors and artificial intelligence. The result is better crops—and less waste.

While small farmers used to rely on word of mouth and weekly market deliveries, times have changed. From expanding their distribution to reaching customers in new ways, technology has made it easier and more rewarding for small farmers to hone their craft. And, the future promises even better improvements for even the smallest farms.



Clara is a retired business owner, who currently works in community gardening. She operates GardenerGigs, which aims to connect local gardeners with those who need them. Be sure to check out Clara’s website for ideas to help your garden be the very best! CLICK HERE


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