Two South City Kitties Need a Home – Please Help!

South San Francisco, CA July 30, 2020 Submitted by Necole 

I work with a local rescue group and have fostered these cuties and we are seeking forever homes.  Is that home with you?

Both kittens are fully domesticated, and healthy and were fixed at the Peninsula Human Society. They have so much fun together.. that we can’t see breaking them up.. It would tear them apart.. especially Sid.


I gave him the name because when we first took him in and went to clean his cage he would hiss.. that’s it not bite or scratch but hiss and run away.. So I decided to name him Sid You know from the Sex pistols Sid Vicious. These two will give someone a lot of joy and wanted to see if you knew anyone that truly needs a bit of love right now this will do it.


The girl below is adorable and as soon as you pick her up she purrs like my 68 Camaro with no headers.. kind of that loud.


We have done our job and thanks to our other cats these two are fully domesticated and ready for their next journey.. I won’t part with them unless I know they are going to a great house who loves kittens and won’t let them out.

Sid is not fat just fluffy J

If you can give these two sweeties a forever home, please contact Jim at 415.696.8966 TODAY!

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