4 Fun Activities for Adults to Get Into Shape by Guest Contributor Jenny Hart

South San Francisco, CA  August 12, 2020 by Jenny Hart

4 Fun Activities for Adults to Get Into Shape

Now more than ever, it is important to stay active. Due to COVID19 many people are staying inside their homes and not moving around like they normally would in their daily life. Not only is staying active good for our physical health, but it is also important for our mental health. During these times of uncertainty, it is crucial that we take the time for ourselves each day to get up and get moving. These fun activities can help adults stay active while still having fun!



If you like to dance, you’ll love trying out Zumba. This workout (that doesn’t even feel like a workout) is blended with choregraphed footwork and dance movements from a variety of dance styles. The best part is that this can be done all online – perfect for social distancing. Do your research to find different online fitness classes that fit your needs. Put on some fun athletic clothing, grab your water bottle and start dancing!


(Don’t enjoy Zumba? There are plenty of other fun, low-impact fitness classes online or on YouTube.)




For another low-impact activity to get back into shape, try cycling. The motion of cycling targets some bigger muscle groups that you might not have ever focused on. Cycling is also a great activity because you can go at your own speed in your own neighborhood. You can also opt for different views by going to your local park, lake or bike path. Cycling can be dangerous, though. Make sure you wear your helmet and any other padding you might need. Always being a water bottle to stay hydrated and your phone if you need a GPS.




If you’d like to do something with a partner, canoeing is a great way to target your upper body muscles. It’s also low-impact and can be done at any age. There are many types of canoes out there, so make sure you do your research. This can also be done solo if you’d prefer some peace and quiet time to reflect. Always bring a life jacket with you. Canoeing allows you to take in some fresh air while letting yourself enjoy the outdoors – even if it’s just down the street from your house, it’s a great escape.




If you’re up for the challenge, tennis is a total-body workout. Not only do you use your arms to swing the racket, your core and legs are also engaged if you are swinging properly. This workout allows you to get toned, but also get in a great cardio workout. If you’re new to tennis, grab a friend to practice. Or, you can always find some lessons near you, whether they are solo lessons or group lessons – either way, you are in for a great workout.


Whether you prefer dancing or canoeing, hopefully this helps you come up with some creative ways to stay active, especially during a pandemic. It is important to take time for ourselves each day, even if it’s for 20 minutes. Not only can it improve your physical health but it can also allow you to stop, take a deep breath, and just get away from it all for a little while.




Jenny Hart is a health and wellness writer with a passion for travel, cycling and books. Her focus is topics related to the effects of aging on health and she is interested in research that can help people age better. When she isn’t writing or traveling, she’s traversing NYC with her two dogs Poochie and Ramone.


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