GAME ON Winners Announced: Joel Borlaza and Rachel and Yolanda win Filet Mignon Dinners for TWO!

South San Francisco, CA  August 12, 2020

Everything South City has been offering fun GAME ON contests for years as a way to interact with our community while promoting local businesses. The past few months have been extremely stressful for most of us yet some have found ways to retain a smile. So, we asked our community last weekWhat has brought smiles to you in the past few months while we’ve been sheltered in place?’

The responses were wonderful and brought smiles to so many of us, we thank everyone for playing along – and to Dominic’s for providing the wonderful Filet Mignon Dinner for two. Our GAME ON winners are randomly chosen, congratulations to JOEL BORLAZA!

In addition, in this GAME ON Everything South City has added two additional winners we’d like to treat to this special dinner.

The Editor’s pick goes to RACHEL and her caretaker husband

The Admin pick goes to YOLANDA

If your entry was not chosen, no worries, and no need to feel left out – you have until tomorrow to order YOUR Friday night dinner!

To place your order at 650-240-9050 or email 

More info HERE


Congrats to our 2 winners: Joel



Joel Borlaza



Winners please contact us at so we can get your prize to you!


What makes our neighbors smile during these trying times: 

From our website:


Ava Romero I’ve been cooking for my parents while sheltering in place and they sure love my cooking because it’s that good but once in a while they love a good meal at a restaurant, we must support local businesses during this difficult time and just took a virtual visit to oyster point and its like a local beautiful shelter in place destination like no other being a 2nd generation South city native of 31 years my self and proud of it

May Alferez: Celebrating our 21st Wedding Anniversary on August 14th! This would be an awesome treat

Alex: Having daytime dates with my wife

Emile: Waking up every day finding out that my family has not been infected with the Covid-19 virus .

Anita South: Taking my grand doggy for walks twice daily for much needed exercise and sunshine after being behind a computer while working from home.

Juanita Collier: Watch from my work from home window the hummingbirds feed from my flower bed, moths dance around the plants and bluebirds eat the seeds from the ground. Uplifting experience!

Ginger: Watching our kitties play has brought us a LOT of smiles during this sheltering in place!

Lynn Marie Black: Crafting projects.

Yolanda: Seeing the sun every day makes me smile and renews my hope for a better world.

Renee: Your Dinner looks amazing these past months have been so hard life has changed so much winning this would really brighten my day so happy you guys are still open during this very hard time

Yen Ting Low: It brings me a smile to see different ways people make time for themselves and for each other! Taking online courses to learn something new, supermarkets reserving time for seniors…

Sharon: Connecting with family and friends from afar through technology has put a smile on my face during shelter in place.

Julie Gallagher: Talking on the phone with friends and family

Carinia: My family

Heidi Beck Taking walks along the Bay Trail at Oyster Point!

Jeannette Holt  Hugging my grandson

Gloria Wong: Since I live alone, only things that has brought me smiles was your prime rib, and seeing, socially distanced, my young cousins (3 & 4) yesterday. My first interaction since the pandemic started.

Eliana reyna  My child’s face when we adopted an orphan cat. How he cares for the kitten.

Sue Morton: Two mourning dove families have nested in our backyard in a basket since May.
Each family had two babies! They all still come by to visit..they must love Paradise Valley!

Rachel: Hi there!
I know these past few months have been rough for all of us! But I have Faith in God that everything is going to be OK.
Just wanted to share “what has put a smile on my face” despite the pandemic.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with CML leukemia. I’ve been taking oral Chemo Sprycel daily … it’s been a tough 2 years because of the horrible side effects; nausea, vomiting and excruciating deep bone pain.
This past month I’ve been feeling much better and even the side effects have subsided a bit. So instead of feeling sad and depressed – I’ve been “smiling a lot more”. I’m a big believer“miracles” – hoping and praying that I stay in remission
Please choose me to win! My husband has been my biggest cheerleader and the most patient caregiver! I would love to share this wonderful meal with him.
God bless you

Chris Julian My cats have brought smiles to our faces during this whole thing. It’s been fun to hang out at home, play with them and watch all the insane things I miss when I’m out usually.

Dee: The kindness of neighbors looking out for one another, from lost pets, keys, miscellaneous items and even cash the sharing of posts with offers to help, and words of encouragement and support. The sense of community and renewed faith in humanity with each comment, gesture and share makes me smile because people are inherently good and despite all that is happening around us folks really do genuinely care for one another and the greater good.

Carrie Boghosian: Well we were asked this a couple months back by our favorite singer Paul Anka and we told him what brought us smiles and laughter were watching the greatest comedians of all time: Carol Burnett, Dick Van Dyke, Lucille Ball, the Dean Martin roasts, Red Skelton, Etc. We looked forward to 5 o’clock so we could put on all of our comedies and laugh with yesteryear

Joel Borlaza: My 2 daughters smiling faces at home while playing with each other have brought smiles to my face during this crazy time in the world!

Nicole Priolo :  Playing board games with my kids.

Lorilynne Shusta  My kids’ hobby of painting rocks and hiding them to bring smiles to others.

Sheila: My family has brought me smiles (and laughs) these past few months. Extremely fortunate to be able to spend this trying time at home with them. We are enjoying each other’s company rather than loathing it. It’s one thing to be grateful for during all of this fortunate to be able to spend this trying time at home with them.



Facebook Entries:


Prinxez Dion Spending time we thought we never had with family! •was able to train my 2yr old to potty ??
•Watching movies with family all-day
•bringing back family game board every night!

Amy Young Redoing our backyard and seeing our kids enjoy and relax without having to go out!

Anita Marquez South Taking dog walks throughout my neighborhood twice daily for that much needed exercise and sunshine after sitting behind a computer while working from home.

Lynn Marie Black Finishing many craft projects all while being able to work at home.

Rose Chang Chiu I’ve been scrapbooking, but recently I’ve been working on our wedding related photos, those non-professional ones like bridal shower, trying on dresses and make up, engagement party, etc. and sharing photos with my friends when we Zoom. These photos were from 1990-1991. Looking through the photos brings back so many memories, which makes me (and my friends and relatives) smile.

Adele Rios Many things: working from home let me spend time with my cockatiel when his mate passed away suddenly – it was good being home to help him through it! The stimulus check helped my mom afford medication/treatment she needed, so that came at a great time for us too. And my wedding in November is now going to be much smaller (very very small microwedding) and helps push off the big reception party budget/stress for next year + beyond (haha) <3 It’s been nice zoning in on things at home.

Jenniffer Tanimura Picking up a couple new hobbies. one being gardening and plants. Enjoying learning about all new things and sharing my joy from it with my daughters.

Chauntel Gregor Oseguera Being able to spend more time with my granddaughter since working from home.

Michelle Lindstrom I got a puppy in February after I had to say goodbye to my amazing 14 year old Chloe. Being home while she’s growing up has been amazing-she got potty trained, I found 5 of her baby teeth when they fell out (more than my other three dogs combined) and I get to see her bring out the puppy in my 10 year old dog. Plus now they have made many Zoom appearances and my co-workers can see how crazy/quirky/fun they are…they are famous! ?

Brandi Magner Slowing down and learning the meaning of being retired with my handsome hubby. Gardening, crocheting and spending time together <

Carmen Canessa-Herrera Watching my son and his step dad become closer. Our little family overall grew stronger!

Sara Bishop Watching my kids getting along better now than when they were all so busy running from activity to activity

Amanda Sky Having the time to go fishing with my kids. They have always wanted to go, but with all the craziness of everyday life we just never got around to it, until now and it is so peaceful!

Isabel Tobar What brings a smile to me. Where do I begin during this hard time
Looking at my kids and grandkids and I try to put a smile on there face. Playing on the floor with the kids. Cuddle the baby . Helping my kids fold clothes. Plan dinner together. Watch movies as a big family. Then I go home tired to rest to do again another day with a big happy smile as a big family.

Gina Pierini Being able to spend time at home with loved ones and not being forced to rush to get things done…time to do things that aren’t work.

Michael Priolo Watching Three’s Company reruns….

Michelle Lam My baby’s giggles!

Laurie Graham Birdwatching

Kristina Anderson Spending time with my family and driving in the Redwoods. Oh yeah Rocky Horror Picture Show at the drive in!!!

Sam Pacheco Being able to bring smiles to kids at the childcare I work at. It was hard for them but we made it work so they could still have fun and enjoy their summer and end of spring.


Email Entries:


O Perez: I love quality time with my children, who are my best friends! I miss the days of sitting together talking about our day since they’ve been in the East College away in college. Seeing my three children happy, including our pet children Waffles and Skylar, brings me the biggest joy in life! They’re happy, I’m happy. Since the pandemic has brought them home, we’ve continued to share the biggest laughs as a family, have meals together again, and brought out the most complicated puzzles. We all have other commitments, but the shelter in place has taught us re-commit to family time. It’s been great !!

Barbara Yim (email) pictures of kids on bike Being with the kids has brought me the most joy. Staying home and spending quality time with each and every one of them has been precious to me, we’ve made lasting memories and I am grateful for them.

Helen Fong I was so happy to be the first customer when my local favorite restaurant, The Garden Club Re-opened. Then indoor dining was halted again. For that moment, though dining in with friends made me happy.

Daisy Latu: Something that has made me happy these past months during this crazy pandemic has to be the time spent with my family! Being able to make memories with family is the best! Peace Be With You ,

Jan Esparza: My hip replacement surgery in January, physical therapy was canceled during shut down. Incision became infected two months later & ended up back in the hospital for 5 days. Couldn’t see my husband or sister but thank god for video chat!!!! Physical therapy resumed shortly after & went back to work at Amazon in June!!!!!!!! My late mother was watching over me the whole time & put that smile on my face every day for 5 months!!!!!



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