Everyday Heroes Among Us: Jay Morena and others help put out fire on Hwy 280

South San Francisco, Ca  August 23, 2020

Our firefighters are stretched so thin with over 14,000 fighting California wildfires and working triple shifts. And yesterday our local departments were also in a scamble responding to multiple brush fires in San Bruno and along highway 280. South City resident Jay Morena happened to be driving through the area and recounts his experience which we are sharing below. While Jay isn’t seeking any attention for his actions, we believe there are times in our lives when we step up for the greater good, when no one is looking, to do the right thing. Thanks to Jay and the others involved in putting themselves at possible risk to step in when they could.

This is E61 working the 280 grass fire….. Thank you for the brave men/women fighting these fires to keep us all safe…. Stay safe SSF
Photo credit AMY ALBERA
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In a small attempt to say thank you, we are gifting Jay with a $50 gift certificate for Entrepanes Sandwich Co, the local business we are featuring this week {GAME ON info click here}. Please join us in acknowledging Jay as we share his story below, which he had posted on our Facebook.


Here is Jay’s story:


‘An Arsonist at work for sure. We were driving south on 280 from Daly City and must have been close behind him?
Saw small fires just beginning in the brush alongside the right shoulder in Daly City, So.SF, San Bruno, Millbrae & near Trusdale in Burlingame.
Drivers pulled over and were trying to extinguish each of them.
When we reached the fire prior to Trousdale, we saw just one man fighting the quickly growing blaze with a rake. We stopped to help and emptied a case of bottled water on it, my girlfriend got burned on her leg.
Three more folks stopped with water & a fire extinguisher and we were able to put it out as FD arrived.
Arsonist must have been throwing highway flares or similar out the window at 6 to 8 spots as he traveled south between DC & Burlingame.’
San Mateo Alert System had notified us earlier with this information which we shared here and on our social media. We later found out there was one more fire in the area of Hwy 280 and 380, per firedispatch.com 
Fires in San Bruno – PLEASE KEEP AREA CLEAR!!
San Bruno Fire Department & San Bruno Police Department are on scene of multiple small fires on the west side of 280 in SB.
#SBFD is working a fire near Peninsula High School. Please avoid driving in the surrounding areas. Please only call 911 to report new flames or fires, not for information. Do not come to the scene of the fires and please do not block lanes of traffic in order to take photos and videos, thus preventing emergency vehicle access.
While we would not recommend others to do what Jay and the drivers did, we salute them all for making a huge difference, especially with our fire resources so thinly stretched.
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David Mackriss
David Mackriss
3 years ago

Nice work Jay!!

Steve Aurilio
Steve Aurilio
3 years ago

Nice job, Jay! I have known Jay for over forty years. Public service is in his blood. Anyone who knows Jay would not be at all surprised by his stepping up to the plate when the need arises to take action. I am proud of and thankful for Jay Morena’s contribution to public safety in his community.

john tuvo tuvo
3 years ago

congrats to all for your bravery!!