South City Firefighter loses home/ farm in Vacaville Fire: Help Needed

South San Francisco, CA  August 20, 2020

The South San Francisco Firefighters posted a plea for help for one of their own who has lost their home in Vacaville.

Please help, please share.

Please help Share!
During the LNU Lightning Complex fires In Vacaville, tragedy struck one of our own. Engineer Andy Pestana and his wife Sarah lost their home, farm, and many of their animals in the blaze. Engineer Pestana and Sarah’s Castle Rock Farm was home to nationally award-winning Nigerian Goats, amongst many other animals. Please consider donating and helping out our brother and his family in this time of need. All help is greatly appreciated!




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J. Clark
J. Clark
3 years ago

I’m sorry to say that hugs and prayers aren’t going to bring back those poor little goats that you left in the barn to burn….if this is your fire evacuation plan I suggest that you concentrate on growing vegetables and herbs (seriously) and leave the animal care to someone more responsible with a better plan. Horrible….

Jeff Jerden
Jeff Jerden
3 years ago


I represent a large owner of apartments in San Francisco. I heard Andy and Sarah’s story on NPR this morning and would like to help. We have previously assisted those who have lost their homes to fires in years past and are kicking off the program again given the huge need. If Andy and Sarah have not already secured interim housing, I think we could help for a period of several months. Please shoot me an emaill if this would be of help to them or others affected by the Bay Area’s fires.


Geraldine Lara
Geraldine Lara
3 years ago

I don’t have the funds right now. But if you need anything clothes, blankets essentials please let me know. So sorry for your loss.