South City’s PLENTY FARMS Partners with 430 Stores in California

South San Francisco, CA  August 26, 2020

The pandemic has found many new backyard gardeners as a way to fill time as well as filling the pantry when many found food selections at the  store were lacking. However, not everyone has a green thumb or patience to grow their own food and they remain concerned that there will be more food storages coming, as we witnessed in March. PLENTY, located at 570 Eccles Avenue in South San Francisco, offers indoor vertical farming thereby using 99% less land and 95% less water to grow pesticide-free and non-GMO crops This allows all year growing of our favorites and ensuring that they will reach our local stores fresher. And they can take one third the time from seed to harvest from the traditional outdoor inground fields.


The pandemic has hastened the goals set by Plenty and they are excited to announce their partnership with 430 Albertson stores in California and continue to expand their operations and customers.


Get a great look behind the scenes on their VIDEO HERE.

Verical farming uses 99% less land and 95% less water than traditional farming

Currently, you will find PLENTY at local stores including Mollie Stones in Bayhill and Burlingame, Safeway at Gellert, and Burlingame. CLICK HERE to find stores near you that carry PLENTY.


Sweet Sunrise is one product offered by PLENTY and consists of ‘delicious blend of beet leaves, greens, and fennel offers subtle sweet licorice and cool earthy notes.’
Photo: Plenty


South San Francisco has a long history of agriculture however today the only ‘farm’ that still exists is the community garden on Commercial Avenue, the rest of the land has been sold off for housing developments. The old farm in the back of Orange Memorial Park that bordered on Chestnut belongs to the City with plans to extend the park. With the advancement of AgTech and PLENTY calling South City home, locals should be able to expect fresh veggies at our local stores to continue, and not be disrupted by distribution interruptions, or the perils that wipe out many outdoor farms such as the midwest derecho that hit earlier this month.


Although a startup, Plenty has some serious backing indicating they are here to stay. According to ForbesThe startup, which is backed by investors including Softbank, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt, had raised more than $400 million as of January 1, according to PitchBook. That puts it in the unicorn club of startups with a valuation exceeding $1 billion.’


As PLENTY continues to grow, so does their need for employees ranging from software engineering to plant science, farm operations to finance. Learn more of their career opportunities CLICK HERE.


To learn more about this company CLICK HERE.



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