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South San Francisco CA  September 8, 2020 By South San Francisco Scavenger Company

The SSF Scavenger Company is located at 500 E Jamie Court, SSF  Tel: 650/589.4020  Website CLICK HERE

**Blue Line Transfer

Blue Line Transfer is open for self-haul Monday-Friday from 6a to 4:30p and Saturday from 8a to 4:30p. Face coverings and social distancing are required. All loads must be covered and secure. An essential enhancement project is underway in the back portion of the facility. We apologize for any construction-related delays. The CRV Buyback, E-Waste, and BOPA Centers are OPEN. Hours for buyback are 7a to 2p Monday-Friday, and 8a to 12p Saturday. BOPA hours are 7a to 4p Monday-Friday, and 8am to 4p Saturday.
This drawing above, shows the improvements we’re working on inside the Material Recovery Facility at Blue Line Transfer. Key features include optical sorting machines and robotic technology. The new equipment will help us recover more materials for recycling.
Efforts will be made to prevent delays and other inconveniences to our customers. Should any occur, patience and understanding are requested. Work should be completed the week of November 23, 2020.

**Recycling Tips!

Plastic groceries bags piling up? Please do your best to avoid them (you can go back to using reusables if you bag your own groceries). For the bags you already have or cannot avoid, please reuse or upcycle them. Pinterest is full of upcycling ideas and the THIS LINK will take you to more.

Click on the LINK to see how to create this great belt design

Plastic Bag Jellyfish – Fun Craft For Kids! Click HERE for details!


If you must dispose of bags, check with the retailer you got them from– they may have a take-back program. If they don’t, please put them in the garbage. We are not able to recycle them and they damage our machinery. Thank you for reducing waste and recycling right!

Ready to get rid of an old pair of jeans? Not so fast! These are some great ideas from

Clothing is probably one of the easiest things to avoid putting in the trash, yet Americans throw away more than 11 million tons of textiles annually, which is about 66% of the total textiles produced in a year. There’s no need for this. Next time you’re wondering what to do with a pair of jeans that have a rip, no longer fit, or just aren’t in style anymore, think beyond the bin to something more creative. Here are five ways to recycle your jeans to get you started.

CLICK HERE For more info!!

**Household Hazardous Waste

The San Mateo County Household Hazardous Waste Program has re-opened their permanent drop-off site and is scheduling a small number of remote drop-off events. Visit or call 650.363.4718 for more information.

These items MUST be disposed of properly. Dumping in with household garbage can create major damage, including fires!

**Gardening Tips

Bugs in your yard? Flows To Bay has great tips for controlling them without using pesticides. Please read up and help keep your green cart and our waterways clean!


Commonly used pesticides have been detected in urban creeks and waterways throughout California and around the country. Pesticides can cause problems for our health and the environment even when applied according to label directions. Very small amounts of pesticides can be lethal to marine life, birds, and other life forms. In some locations, water contaminated with pesticides can migrate from creeks and surface waters into drinking water wells.

When you apply pesticides, you’re treating the symptom, rather than the cause of pest problems. That’s where Integrated Pest Management comes in.

CLICK HERE to learn more about taking care of your garden – and our earth!

**Coastal Cleanup 2020

Remember September is Coastal Clean-up month! Check out the Coastal Commission update on how we can accomplish our goals for keeping our waterways debris free!

This year, cleaning the coast will start at our own front doors.

For safety reasons, there are no large, centrally organized cleanup sites this year. Instead, cleanups will be self-guided and close to home. Practice physical distancing, and strictly follow both local ordinances. This How-To Guide includes additional safety tips.

Cleaning your neighborhoods, local parks, streets, and storm drains helps protect our coast. Trash travels through storm drains, creeks, and rivers to become beach and ocean pollution. Help clean the beach by picking up litter in your community with your household.

Cleanups are happening every Saturday in September. If Saturdays don’t work for you, don’t let that stop you! You can clean up any day, any time. Report your cleanup by recording data on the CleanSwell app or by completing this form. (You can also use that form to enter the Most Unusual Item Contest.) All cleanups in September will be included as part of Coastal Cleanup Month.

In some areas of the state, your local coordinator has special events and virtual programming scheduled throughout the month. Reach out to see what’s planned!

After your cleanup, take a 5 minute survey to let us know how it went. You’ll get a coupon for free chips and guac from Rubio’s and be entered into a prize drawing!

Thank you for staying safe, cleaning your neighborhoods, and protecting the coast! #CoastalCleanup #ProtectYourHappyPlace

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