Heart of Solidarity Offers Hope, Food and Necessities for Locals in Need

South San Francisco, CA  September 25, 2020 by Fenny Goenawan


Heart of Solidarity (HOS) is a 501c3 non-profit FB group with an active member base. The premise of the group is to have donors and members create a loving community that shares resources, items, and assistance. It has a strong presence on the peninsula (Daly City to San Mateo) but has also expanded as far south as Palo Alto, East as Hayward/San Leandro, and a bit north (SF).


Living in the Bay Area many have to work multiple jobs to pay extreme high rent, childcare and other expenses with little to no aid from government agencies. This is especially true during the pandemic. HOS helps all regardless of one’s income. HOS makes an effort to make 1:1 connections with all its members to better help each members’ needs.


Our Facebook group has over 3,000 members. HOS does essentials drives/fundraisers, school supplies/backpack giveaways, and holiday gift-giving events, which as of last year served 600 kids and teens.


We accept monetary donations, which in turn we use to buy essential products and food for our members; however, we do not provide monetary assistance. But our most important aspect is food distribution.


We distribute food in 7 Bay Area locations.


Distribution is once a week in each location. We have distribution Monday- Saturday.


Not only does this help feed our neediest families who are often single parents, families with multiple children, or serious health issues, seniors, and many more but we are also grocery food savers.


We pick up all leftover food that Food Bank wouldn’t accept because it doesn’t meet their standards. Mostly because it is labor-intensive, for example fruit that has to be manually sorted between good/bad. Our dedicated and hard-working distribution team volunteers serve about 200 families a week.


But we want to do more!



Recently we have seen a large increase in food requests due to Pandemic. Unfortunately, we have a hard time keeping up with the demand. We are reaching out to all our neighbors to ask do you know of any stores that are working with Foodbank but still have the second hand that Foodbank would not accept? We would be happy to talk to them if you know of any contact. You can email us at Heartofsolidarity@gmail.com. Do you want to become a member/donor, please join our group at



Individuals can also post their unneeded food for families to pick up. If anyone has non-perishable food, please let us know and we would be happy to pick up and distribute. If you or anyone you know is in need of food, please encourage them to reach out as well or join our group.


Other useful non-food items are gifted by HOS members to other members regularly through Facebook as well.

We are also hosting a fundraiser and encourage everyone to purchase our beautiful fans!

CLICK HERE for more info!

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Zoila hernandez
3 years ago

We are a family in the Bay Area who test positive of COVID exactly 7 people quarantined in two bedrooms home .

Danielle Acevedo
Danielle Acevedo
3 years ago

How can I sign my family up for help with Christmas?