Heart of Solidarity Fundraising: Purchase a Fan and Help Your Neighbors!

South San Francisco, CA  September 25, 2020 Submitted by Heart of Solidarity


Heart of Solidarity Fundraising time



Once again we are fundraising for Thanksgiving and Annual Gift Event in December. We will still do these events but with some modifications for Covid 19 safety that we are still planning for. We understand a lot more people are in need so we are trying our very best to make this happen. Last year we helped 450 kids with gifts during holidays.



It is harder to fundraise now as obviously we cannot do the normal bake sale or some of our usual fundraising. Also we don’t get so much monetary donations as we did last year.

We are fortunate that Fabulousme provides us these fans so we can sell for fundraising.


Each fan is $10 only.


Venmo: @heartofsolidarity


Paypal: heartofsolidarity@gmail.com


To make it exciting, we invite you to a contest to win $100 visa gift card.
– please post the picture of the fan with background of your choice (appropriate only please )
– use #heartofsolidarityfan on your page post
– if you have Instagram, please like our @heartofsolidarity page
– picture with the most likes will win the giftcard
– I open a post for the contest so you can add your picture
Thank you and please help us!
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