Planning Commission Approves 338 Units at Former Century Plaza on Noor Avenue

South San Francisco, CA  September 25, 2020

A long time in the making, the South San Francisco Planning Commission has approved a new development will be coming to replace the old Century Movie Theater at 410 Noor Avenue, along Huntington Avenue. This 5-acre property will include three buildings ranging from 3-stories to 5-stories and offer studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments along with underground 466 parking spots. Ten percent of these units are set to be affordable housing. This location also offers local public transportation and shopping.



Groundbreaking may take a while as there are still hurdles to overcome because this property is within the San Francisco International Airport’s sound corridor and requires consent by the local Airport Land Use Committee prior to this project moving forward to our City council for approval. The San Mateo Daily Journal writes ‘Officials have said those approvals from the committee are difficult to get through and the more likely outcome is the project will be denied. In such a scenario, the applicant may appeal to the South San Francisco City Council, which could override the committee’s ruling and assume all liability for the project by approving it.’ The initial Special Housing Standing Committee of the City Council and Planning Commission Meeting took place earlier this year and can be found CLICK HERE.

During this same Planning Commission meeting, another project on El Camino Real was approved; 95-room Fairfield Inn and Suites will replace the old Arby’s located at 840 El Camino Real.
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Eckner Morales
Eckner Morales
3 years ago

I’m in the area near the Cadence luxury apartments — 260 units with “affordable housing”,; at any time since opening in June 2019 there are 30 to 50 Unit vacancies. Who can afford $4700 for a 3BR ? And they go as high as 6K per month. Outrageous! Search for Cadence and see for yourself.

The need isn’t being met with over priced units, and will remain vacant with fast exits after 1 yr. —worse with the pandemic. The downtown doesn’t attract quality businesses, only eateries. The chamber should find an Apple store, a clothing store, a toy store, a cosmetic store. the local government Needs to get out and find a grocery story to fill the need of the community in Old Town
You won’t keep anyone in those apartments until you do.

mel perry
mel perry
3 years ago

putting an apartment building in the
sound path of SFO, that’s novel, don’t
expect SFO to.come thru with any
funding for sound proofing though,
at least someone came up with an
idea on how to recycle the lot, wonder
if it will ever get built, with the changes
in the workforce operation, this is
something that SSF should be looking
at for seniors