CPUC Warns of New ‘Apology Phone Scam’

South San Francisco, CA   October 28, 2020 Submitted by CPUC

The  California Public Utilities Commission  is asking that community members be made aware of a new scam going around: people are being cold-called by would-be scammers with spoofed telephone numbers (often with the same prefix as the intended victim’s own phone) and greeted by a recording saying, “This is an apology from your electric company.” The call then offers a rebate due to overcharging, and if the intended victim stays on, a live caller joins and attempts to solicit bank information.


There is no such active rebate program currently being offered by any major utility in California, and should one ever be offered, it would likely be in the form of bill credits. The FCC investigates such scams, and the CPUC advises that Californians immediately hang up on any such calls received.


The CPUC asks that local municipalities and community organizations distribute this warning widely, such as via community newsletters and NextDoor sites.

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