Pacifica Municipal Pier Closure Effective Immediately

South San Francisco, CA  January 15, 2021  h/t to Vicki Moore, Pacifica Locals


Press Release:  – Recently, the Northern California Coast experienced King Tides and large swells which affected Pacifica’s coastline. A combination of the high tides and large waves have damaged a forty-foot section of the Pacifica Municipal Pier’s west facing deck and concrete railing. The City’s Public Works Engineering Division assessed the Pier damage and has deemed the Pier unsafe for users and visitors until further notice. The City is currently discussing the damage with structural engineering firms and will contract with one of these firms to assess the safety of the Pacifica Pier for users and develop a design for repair of the damage. Based on the extent of the damage, the City anticipates that the Pacifica Municipal Pier will be closed for up to a month or longer, depending on the results of the structural safety assessment and time needed to complete the repairs.


Should you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Department of Public Works – Field Services Division at (650) 738-3760 or email Thank you for your cooperation.


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