South San Francisco’s ‘Love Burn’ Claims Hottest, Tastiest and Biggest Chicken Sandwich in the Bay Area

South San Francisco, CA  January 27, 2021  Submitted by Paloma B. Concordia, Founder PapaLoDown Agency

An International Spin to Nashville Hot Chicken Craze



Love Burn’ (, a hot chicken concept inspired by the Nashville Hot chicken craze, is turning up the heat for Bay Area foodies. Love Burn quietly opened their doors last November inside South San Francisco’s Hometown Bowl, amidst the pandemic with COVID-19 protocols in mind. The concept has quickly become a destination for chicken sandwich aficionados that love the burn.


An ode to spicy food lovers, the menu offers hot chicken sandwiches, leg quarters, sides such as macaroni salad, various sauces and mini churros with hot honey. While ‘love’ threads the food concept together, as their mantra ‘Get Burned by Love’ suggests, it doesn’t come without the pain. The Love Burn menu playfully builds on this idea, allowing customers to customize the heat levels of their dishes on a scale of 0-4.


“The concept was birthed from the idea that at some point in life, everyone has been burned by love,” says Justin Isip, Love Burn Co-Founder, “We created each spice level with the intention of walking through the stages of love– from Level 1, the First Date, to what some may call a worst date– aka Level 4, the One Night Stand.  For those not looking for love, we offer a Level 0, Just a Friend.”


Incorporating a global spice blend of Fatalii Chilies, Chinese Five Spice and more, Love Burn takes an international approach to their spice levels, not wanting to limit their recipes to the popular Ghost Pepper or Carolina Reaper. Love Burn is confident their chicken sandwiches are not only the hottest, but the tastiest and biggest in the Bay Area, boasting a ½ lb of chicken in each sandwich.



Super Bowl Sunday & “Truth or Burn” Challenge


With Super Bowl Sunday coming up the restaurant is offering a special “Quarter Pack” of 4 leg quarters 3 sides and 2 cocktails (options include a margarita, Red Bull/vodka, and one other specialty cocktail) for $75.



Valentine’s Day “Truth or Burn”

For Valentine’s Day, the Love Burn team is challenging couples to a round of “Truth or Burn”    and will be releasing videos of couples answering uncomfortable questions and their reactions as they bite into one of their signature hot chicken sandwiches. Couples that take the Love Burn challenge and want to share their video on Instagram should tag @loveburnchicken #truthorburn, for a chance to win a gift certificate.


Love Burn is located inside Hometown Bowl, 130 Northwood Street, South San Francisco, CA 94080 {formerly known as the Brentwood Bowl}


They are open from Tuesdays-Sundays, 11am-9pm and are available for pick-up and delivery via 3rd party apps such as UberEats, Doordash, and Grubhub.


For more information, please visit


About Love Burn Chicken:

Co-owners Justin Isip and Jason Angeles


 Love Burn is the latest venture from food veterans Christian Perez, Dexter Lee, Jason Angeles, Justin Isip, and Ronnie Taylor. Based in South San Francisco and inspired by Nashville’s Hot Chicken trends, Love Burn takes an international approach with a unique spice blend to create the hottest chicken sandwich in the Bay Area.



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