GAME ON! Love Burned on Valentine’s Day?

South San Francisco, CA  February 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day is coming up, as most locals know by the heart-shaped sign on See’s Candies, as they always remind us of the season and holidays – but did you know directly across the street is a great eatery named LOVE BURN?

LOVE BURN is located within the Bowling Alley and offers delivery and pick-up AND this opportunity to try their amazing dishes, as we partner with them for our GAME ON – because we know not everyone has that Valentine!



The winner will receive a $25 gift cert to LOVE BURN, and will be randomly chosen next Friday, February 19th – when they share their response to this question:

Have you ever experienced LOVE BURN?

Bonus points if you briefly share your story!

What is LOVE BURN?

“The concept was birthed from the idea that at some point in life, everyone has been burned by love,” says Justin Isip, Love Burn Co-Founder, “We created each spice level with the intention of walking through the stages of love– from Level 1, the First Date, to what some may call a worst date– aka Level 4, the One Night Stand.  For those not looking for love, we offer a Level 0, Just a Friend.” (To learn more CLICK HERE!)

** One entry per person, extra point for stories shared!


A few of their delectable delights! To see their FULL menu CLICK HERE!


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