Letter to Editor: Get Your Cancer Screenings!

South San Francisco, CA  March 13, 2021 by a ‘Friend of EverythingSouthCity.com’


So, I want to share my story with hopes that it will encourage one of you to take care of yourself and do preventive tests that you should have.


In early December, I went in for my normal Colonoscopy. Right after the colonoscopy they instantly put in for a CT scan. They had found several polyps and a lesion.


A few days later I found out that not only did I have a lesion in my colon, I had a tumor in my lung.


Fast forward, I had biopsies, and it turns out that the colon lesion is not related to the lung tumor, which is cancer, (low-grade carcinoid) and the colon is high-grade dysplasia, which they truly believe it is cancer.


I have had several tests to make sure that nothing has spread, which as of that date it has not. (yay) Next Monday I am going to have surgery on my colon to remove the cancer. I should be in the hospital for a few days.


In April or May, I will have surgery on the lung, at which time they will be removing one of my lobes on the right lung. The good news is at this point I will not need Chemo or radiation.



My purpose of sharing this is mainly hoping that this encourages someone to schedule an appointment to hopefully make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


I was so lucky this is caught early. Life is so precious.




For information from the County of San Mateo on medical screenings please CLICK HERE


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