Letter to Editor: Response to the City of SSF R1 Single Family Home zoning change study by Marty Romero

South San Francisco, CA  March 7, 2021 by Marty Romero, Former SSF Planning Commissioner


City of SSF R1 Single Family Home zoning change study.


General Plan update that is currently in process, SSF City Council is considering a change in zoning for all R1 (single family homes) from one home per lot, to allow multifamily homes, four to five units per lot.


If this type of change is implemented, in time it will likely have a devastating effect on single family neighborhoods and the quality of life for SSF residents. How would you feel if your “Nextdoor” neighbor converted a single family R1 home to a multiple unit (4 to 5 unit) structure? Imagine how this change will adversely impact your home and the surrounding neighborhood? What type of demand will it place on the City’s infrastructure?


If R1 properties are rezoned, land values will likely increase substantially, based on a multiunit valuation. This will also increase property tax assessments by the county. Sewer rates will increase from the current $739 per home and may quadruple if based on a four-unit structure.


What about the increased population density in neighborhoods? Will this create additional problems?


Increased population density will place increased demand for parking both onsite and on city streets. Use of public facilities will increase the demand for schools, parks and recreation services, childcare, playgrounds, streets, sewage, water and garbage.


This type of change will encourage developers to buy up existing single-family homes and will likely target lower income neighborhoods, forcing out families who rent to demolish and rebuild high density multiunit structures


Is it prudent to try and accommodate housing demands through a zoning change, by devastating a previously planned single family R1 development? If the change in zoning is approved, the appearance of single-family neighborhoods will change dramatically.


As an alternative the City of SSF is already allowing R1 lots to add an accessory dwelling (in law) unit, to help ease the demand for additional housing. This is a prudent approach and should be sufficient to try and increase housing availability. It will also allow a property owner flexibility to add a second unit to their home if they choose to do so.


As a topic for discussion, how does the community feel about this type of change in zoning? Is the expenditure of $100,000 to study this matter an appropriate use of public funds? Should the decision to consider this matter as part of the General Plan update be revisited by SSF City Council and should it be rescinded?




Please contact your City Council:


400 Grand Avenue, SSF



I am strongly opposed to this awful proposa and the study. I will support the recall of anyone supporting ending single family housing zoning and I will personally do everything possible to defeat any jCouncilmember supporting this hideous proposal. – Shirley P


I feel we are developing enough high density housing in the city of SSF and continues to grow. When you get into the suburbs that was developed back when most household had one car maybe two car, but look at the streets today and parking is becoming a problem. Has this been considered. I am against any change in the R1 zoning. Why is our city council even considering this. I would like to see the addresses of the city council members considering this. There has to be some reason for their madness. – EP

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